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Headstone and Gravesite Decorum

veteran cemetery

Headstones to Honor Veterans

There are many ways to honor military service when choosing a headstone for veterans. Today, we'll share how the VA can assist Veterans and their families with memorials.

potted flowers at cemetary

Guidelines and Advice for Easter Headstone Decor

For many families, it’s important honor departed loved ones during holidays. Read on for suggestions on how to decorate your friend or family’s headstone this Easter.

Flowers and Vases on top of Granite Headstone

What Decor to Leave at a Gravesite

The areas where we lay our loved ones to rest often become a critical gathering place. These areas allow us to mourn and remember those who have passed, and we often wish to personalize gravesites, but what décor can you leave at a gravesite? We explore the etiquette involved and what cemetery rules to follow when decorating a memorial. 

Holiday red white blue decoration

Decorating Headstones

Decorating headstones for many people can be an act of closure, and healing in making the gravesite more significant to the deceased and the family visiting the grave. We offer some inspiration and tips for headstone décor if you are unsure where to start. 

concrete pouring headstone base

4 Homemade Headstone Ideas

When grief strikes, many of us wish for an enduring mark or symbol of the life that was once part of ours. Whether it is a friend, family member, or beloved pet, we share four homemade headstone ideas to help you find solace and pay tribute to the one you've lost. 

fire fighter suit hanging on wall

Firefighter Grave Markers

Honoring a firefighter with the proper monument or headstone should not be agonizing. We're here to help you with our guide to firefighter grave markers and hopefully make this decision more manageable so you can return to friends and family.

police hat and burning candling laying in front of American flag

Police Headstones

Choosing a headstone to memorialize a police officer or first responder should not be difficult. We share tips and tricks to ensure you have the perfect monument for your everyday hero.

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How to Install Vases on Headstones

Adding cemetery vases full of fresh flowers to your loved one's gravesite is a special way to honor his or her memory. Knowing how to do this can save you money and make the process more meaningful. 

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Rules & Regulations for Cemetery Headstones

Before you shop, remember to keep the rules and regulations for cemetery headstones in mind.