Types of Burials

Deciding what type of burial option is right for you or your loved one can be a difficult decision to make. Throughout history, people of many communities have venerated the deceased by way of burial or incineration. However, there are many types of burials to choose from today. In this article, we take a closer look at the many forms of burial, to provide the insight you might need to make such a profoundly personal decision. Keep reading to learn more.

Contemporary Types of Burials

There may be four primary forms of burial, but scientific discoveries and technological advances make it possible for anyone to be buried or memorialized in a unique way. Here are some of the traditional options available to you.

In-Ground Burial: A traditional burial generally requires a casket and some sort of memorial tribute to the deceased. The body of the deceased is interned within a metal or wooden case before being lowered into an excavated site and covered with soil. Caskets, headstones, and accessories can be purchased individually, but many families decide to purchase them all together to save costs in the long run. An in-ground burial may be accompanied by a burial service to commemorate the deceased’s final resting place and provide a sense of closure for family members and friends.

Above-Ground Burials: There are several kinds of above-ground burials, but the most common occur in lawn crypts and community or private mausoleums. Lawn crypts provide many of the benefits of mausoleum entombment with the timeless tradition of in-ground burial. Mausoleums, on the other hand, provide secure enclosures that will remain clean and dry. If the added prestige of being entombed inside a structure appeals to you, a mausoleum may be the best choice. If the notion of being buried next to a loved one appeals to you, a lawn crypt may be the best choice.

Cremation: Immolation recently surpassed burial as the most popular end-of-life service. The body of the deceased is exposed to temperatures ranging from 1,400 to 1,800 °F. Such intense heat will reduce the body to ash and bone fragments. Most families decide to scatter or keep cremated ashes after the funeral ceremony. Cremation is growing in popularity, because it tends to be less expensive and uses far less resources than any other disposition method.

Natural Burial: Natural burials are often confused with green burials. Although they are not the same, they both give way to natural decomposition without the use of embalming fluid, a casket, or a burial vault. Instead, the body of the deceased is placed directly into the earth. This burial option has little to no impact on the environment. Some people may choose to be buried in biodegradable caskets, which are usually made of bamboo, hemp, wool, felt, cotton, cork, teak, willow, rattan, seagrass, leaves, recycled cardboard, or other “low impact” materials. Green burials take place in cemeteries that use no artificial pesticides.

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