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Creating quality headstones for graves is not just what we do it is who we are, and it has been since our family started this business in 1920.


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Headstones and Grave Markers

Since 1920, Legacy Headstones has been committed to providing the finest-quality custom grave markers so families can honor and remember their loved ones in their own special ways. At Legacy Headstones, we know how important it is to memorialize family members and we don’t take the matter lightly. That’s why our talented and knowledgeable laser engravers create beautiful grave headstones that reflect families’ wishes and show how important their loved ones really were to them.

Because your satisfaction is our number one priority, the customized headstones or monuments we create are made with pride and at a greater level of detail. We also include our 100% lifetime guarantee on every memorial headstone and grave marker we craft. It’s just our way of showing how much we care and want to provide you with the right tribute for your loved one.

Browse our selection of flat headstones, upright headstones and special-shaped grave markers to find the perfect way to remember a friend, family member or even a beloved pet.

Create Your Loved One’s Customized Headstone

At Legacy Headstones it is our goal to provide you with the tools you need in order to create the perfect headstones for graves that honor your loved one. Legacy Headstones has been a family run business for almost 100 years so we understand the importance of a legacy. Creation and design of headstones may have changed over the years but one thing has not, our family tradition. We are proud to have our two sons Shane and Dustyn to carry on the craft of providing people with quality headstones at affordable prices.

We understand that it is always hard to lose a loved one, and we hope that Legacy Headstones can make choosing the right memorial as easy as possible. Our free memorial designer is easy to use and helps to ensure they you are able to create the perfect headstone for the departed. It really is simple, just choose the style of headstone you wish to customize, then use the designer to add anything you wish such as a family name, favorite quote, or even an image. Our designer gives you the opportunity to continue your loved one’s legacy and pass it on to future generations!


Headstone photos are a way to commemorate your loved ones. Before you choose a picture for the headstone, there are few aspects you need to keep in mind. Here are three tips to help you choose the perfect photo for your loved one's headstone. 

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Death can be disconcerting to some people, but there is so much beauty to behold behind the gates of the most stunning cemeteries in America. Graveyards aren’t all spooky places. Some cemeteries of historical value are filled with lush greenery and remarkable architecture. Burial grounds such as these serve as monuments to death but also sites of contemplation and appreciation of life. Whether to go bird watching, history hunting, or tomb touring, there are plenty of pretty graveyards to see right here in the United States. Legacy Headstones rounded up the top ten scenic cemeteries in America to help you plan your next grave adventure.

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When a person nears the end of his or her life, each passing day may be consumed by confusion, sorrow, denial, and even acceptance. Death is an inevitable fact of life. Although we may be surrounded by loved ones and close friends, death can also be a lonely process. However, there are countless end-of-life resources that are available to those in the final stages of life. In this guide, we review some of the most common end-of-life resources available to you and how to find them, so you can save time while preparing yourself or a loved one for the final stage of this adventure we call life.

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Gravestones have changed tremendously over the last several centuries, but one trend lives on: personalization of the grave site. Surviving family members and close friends decorate the final resting places of the deceased with flowers, relics, and other embellishments. One of the most common forms of personalization in cemeteries is that of headstones and surrounds. If you aren’t familiar with headstone surrounds or are interested in purchasing one for a loved one, this guide will explain how they are built and what options are available to you.

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Maintaining a mausoleum is no simple task because there are dozens of issues that can impact the safety and security of the structure. Exterior and interior elements can fail, stone can sway, and extreme climate conditions can wreak havoc on the surfaces of a mausoleum. In this article, we review mausoleum maintenance and the steps you can take to ensure that your loved one’s final resting place is as secure and safe as possible.

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