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Creating quality headstones for graves is not just what we do it is who we are, and it has been since our family started this business in 1920.

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Headstones and Grave Markers

Whether you are planning ahead or coping with the loss of a loved one, Legacy Headstones is here to help you through these stressful and difficult times. With almost a century of experience crafting high-quality memorials, we understand just how important it is to commemorate the life and death of someone who was near and dear to your heart. We offer a wide variety of headstones and grave markers made with nothing but the finest materials available. As a family-owned and operated business, our customers are at the forefront of everything we create. Explore our selection today to find the perfect solution for saying goodbye and preserving all the memories in a beautiful way.

Among funeral costs, headstones are often the most expensive. That’s why we offer our custom burial products at affordable prices, so you can focus on what is most important during these times of bereavement. Our grass-level memorials start at $199 and you can customize your favorite to include an image, custom text, and a meaningful epitaph for all those who come to visit your loved one’s final resting place. Our headstone selection includes gray and black granite options as well as an array of orientation choices. Slanted gravestones and companion monuments include durable bases.

Using our online customization tool, you can create a one-of-a-kind monument or memorial to honor your loved one’s memory for all of time. We use precise customization and fabrication processes to ensure that your loving anecdotes are perfectly transcribed and will remain visible for years to come. Every headstone and grave marker we offer is made in America by only the most experienced laser engravers in the country.

We offer assistance at every turn, with instructional videos that show how to design a headstone as well as memorial experts that are available to help you every step of the way. In addition to gravestones, memorials, and monuments, we also specialize in handcrafting cremation urns, vases, and more. Celebrating the special bond you shared with your pet? Look no further. We aim to please and make the process of choosing the right memorial as easy as possible. If you have any questions about our selection of headstones and grave markers, please do not hesitate to contact us toll-free for further assistance or additional information.

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Create Your Loved One’s Customized Headstone

At Legacy Headstones it is our goal to provide you with the tools you need in order to create the perfect headstones for graves that honor your loved one. Legacy Headstones has been a family run business for almost 100 years so we understand the importance of a legacy. Creation and design of headstones may have changed over the years but one thing has not, our family tradition. We are proud to have our two sons Shane and Dustyn to carry on the craft of providing people with quality headstones at affordable prices.

We understand that it is always hard to lose a loved one, and we hope that Legacy Headstones can make choosing the right memorial as easy as possible. Our free memorial designer is easy to use and helps to ensure they you are able to create the perfect headstone for the departed. It really is simple, just choose the style of headstone you wish to customize, then use the designer to add anything you wish such as a family name, favorite quote, or even an image. Our designer gives you the opportunity to continue your loved one’s legacy and pass it on to future generations!


Most people know that the costs of funeral services and products are rising. Legacy Headstones is frequently asked whether funeral expenses are tax deductible. Although we cannot provide tax, legal, or accounting advice, we know that planning and preparing the funeral of a loved one can be stressful. This quick guide explores and explains some of the deductions that you or your loved one might qualify for when it’s time to prepare your federal income tax return. With this information, you can complete your upcoming taxes with confidence or know what questions to ask your tax consultant.

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When you lose a loved one, his or her memorial may be the only space you can visit and receive a sense of closure. Memorial appearance and condition are certainly of great concern to cemetery caretakers and family members of the deceased. Bronze, granite, and marble are some of the most popular materials used to make gravestones, cremation urns, and other monuments that honor the dead. Though bronze and granite are extraordinarily resilient and resistant to environmental conditions, the finishes and coatings that protect them may not be as impermeable. In this guide, we provide a general overview of headstone resurfacing. With this information, you can confidently take the best course of action to restore your loved one’s final resting place to its former glory.

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Burial customs have changed considerably over the last few centuries, but we still follow many of the same traditions that have been in practice since the time of early Christianity. We don’t often visit a graveyard and think about how it’s been designed or what direction the headstones are facing. In this article, we examine the superstitions and traditions that have led us to where we are today and affected the way we create the final resting places of our loved ones.

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Have you ever visited a cemetery and found coins lining the edge of a headstone? There are many customs, habits, practices, and superstitions in the world, but this tradition is as mysterious as it is honorable. The coins left behind on the edge of a gravestone imply to family members and friends of the deceased that someone else has visited and left a token of commemoration. Every coin carries its own special meaning that communicates a message to loved ones of the deceased. In this guide, Legacy Headstones explores some of the hidden meanings behind headstone coins.

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Today’s memorial methods are changing fast, but traditions in other parts of the world can often endure for centuries or millennia. If you have been tasked with planning the memorial of a loved one, understanding the different religious memorials available to you may make the process and decision easier. Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism are five of the largest organized religions in the world that range from ten million to two billion followers and counting. Though each religious group has its own identity and system of beliefs, you might find similarities between them that transcend the limitations of belief, distance, time, and tradition.

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