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Firefighter Grave Markers

Big cities and small towns alike thrive on the bravery and sacrifices of everyday heroes. Some of the most celebrated heroes in communities around the world are the firefighters that work hard to keep families safe. All the brave men and women who train to become firefighters recognize the level of risk involved in performing the responsibilities of the job, but that does not make the loss of a firefighter any less painful. Selecting a headstone or monument that will be used to memorialize and honor a fallen firefighter can be difficult. However, this guide provides an overview of the selection process to help you better determine what kind of grave marker will suit your funeral needs and expectations.

Guide to Firefighter Grave Markers

Fire department funerals are often ripe with time-honored tradition and treated with the utmost respect. If a firefighter died while on duty or after an incident that caused subsequent death, the fatality is considered a line-of-duty death. Funerals of fallen, active-duty firemen and firewomen feature full military-style honors.

If your family requests a closed casket, a photo of the deceased in uniform and his or her clean helmet may be placed on top of the casket or displayed nearby for family members and friends to enjoy. If your family prefers cremation, there are just as many ways to honor your loved one's memory and preserve tradition.

A grave marker can be used to beautify a gravesite or ash scattering memorial. You can select a grave marker that holds special significance to the deceased as an individual separate from the fire service, but it can be particularly powerful if you memorialize your loved one with a grave marker that honors the courage and commitment it takes to protect the public from harm.

On almost any fire apparatus or uniform you see today, you will recognize the Maltese cross. This iconic symbol was once the symbol of knights during the Crusades but later became the emblem of fire service. There are many symbols that have become widely representative of the fire department. When you purchase a grave marker or personalize the design, there are numerous ways to commemorate your loved one by adding an engraving or image.

Some of the most popular images used to embellish firefighter grave markers include axes, helmets, hydrants, ladders, and so much more. Depending on the size of the headstone or plaque you choose, you can leave ample space for an inscription, such as several lines of a favorite song, poetry, religious text, or a sentiment that encapsulates the special spirit and passions of the deceased. Cremation urns are also quite easy to customize, bury in the ground, store in a columbarium, or display at home. No matter how your loved one desired to be buried, it's important that you cherish the special bond you shared and the many memories that live on.

Now that you know more about choosing memorial products for a fallen firefighter, we hope that this guide gives you the confidence to start designing a grave marker for your loved one. If you have any questions about this article, please contact Legacy Headstones today to learn more.