Burial vs. Cremation

Whether you’re preparing your own final arrangements or organizing the funeral arrangements for a loved one, it can be difficult to decide what form of final disposition is most appropriate or cost-effective. Burial is the traditional choice, in which the body of the deceased is interned within a metal or wooden case before being lowered into an excavated site and covered with soil. Cremation is a more contemporary choice, in which the body of the deceased is exposed to temperatures ranging from 1,400 to 1,800 °F. Such intense heat will reduce the body to ash and bone fragments.

Although cremation recently surpassed burial as the most requested end-of-life service, there are considerations to keep in mind before making your final decision. In this article, we take a close look at the differences between burial and cremation, so that you can make your decision with complete confidence. Keep reading to learn more.

Burial vs. Cremation

Now that you know a few of the basics, it’s also important to know that cremation reduces the body of the deceased to ash and bone fragments within a matter of hours. A traditional burial will allow for slow and natural decomposition. Some people believe that cremation hurries the process, while others believe that cremation signifies reverence.

One of the primary considerations to keep in mind is the flexibility of options that are available to you with burial vs. cremation. A traditional burial is usually followed by a strict series of events, which may include a viewing, a funeral ceremony, and much more. The regimented schedule of a traditional funeral is appealing to some people because the process can cut back on costs associated with customization. In contrast, cremation services allow you to pick and choose certain services à la carte. As opposed to a funeral, you may choose to scatter your loved one’s ashes, display them at home in an urn, or divide the cremains into jewelry for other family members and friends to have.

Spiritual Perspective

Regardless of whether you consider yourself religious, there can be so much to find and enjoy by examining death through a spiritual lens. Eastern Orthodox Catholicism, Islam, and Orthodox Judaism deny or forbid the process of cremation, but the choice to be cremated is ostensibly less taboo today than has been in the past.

Historically, Hindus believed in reincarnation and would burn the dead in order to rid any sense of attachment from soul to body. Phoenicians employed both inhumation and cremation. In Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism, cremation is an acceptable form of final disposition. In Baptism, Protestantism, Methodism, and other denominations, the body may be cremated before or after the funeral service. Before making a final decision, we recommend that you consult a spiritual leader to determine whether cremation aligns with your own beliefs and wishes.

The decision between burial vs. cremation is a profoundly personal one to make.

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