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Decorating Headstones

When a loved one passes away, it can be difficult to visit the deceased’s final resting place, especially if the death was sudden or tragic. Gravesites are usually peaceful places where surviving family members and close friends can go to find closure. It can be comforting to think of a loved one’s final resting place as his or her new home. Many people decorate the headstones of their loved ones because decorating can help make the grave seem even more special and significant to the deceased. In this article, we explore some of the creative ways you can decorate your loved one’s gravesite, so you can avoid spending a fortune to beautify your loved one’s memorial.

Guide to Decorating Headstones

Whether your loved one’s burial plot could use a pop of color or you are preparing the gravestone for future visitors, we think that you will find plenty of inspiration in our assortment of decorating suggestions and ideas.

  • Small Stones: People of the Jewish faith believe that pebbles and small stones represent the permanence of memory and legacy, so it is customary to place a small stone on the grave of a deceased Jewish relative or friend. This time-honored tradition has transcended the realm of Judaism, though, and it is now common to see small stones on the headstones of people from all religious backgrounds.
  • Seasonal Decorations: If you visit your loved one’s final resting place often, it can be fun to decorate the burial site with decorations for every season. You can place a pumpkin on your loved one’s grave to get into the Halloween spirit. When the holidays roll around, you can add some color to the headstone by decorating it with a wreath, Christmas tree ornaments, or a poinsettia plant.
  • Flowers: Floral arrangements are a classic choice for decorating a gravesite, but there is no reason to feel confined to the traditional bouquet of roses or carnations. Instead, order an assortment of flowers that held significance to the deceased. Some headstones and flat grave markers have built-in vases that make it easy to display floral arrangements. Otherwise, you can simply leave the flowers on top of the headstone.
  • Grave Blankets: When the weather gets cold, some people find solace in keeping their loved ones warm by placing blankets on top of their graves to protect them from the snow and falling temperatures. Grave blankets can vary according to style and preference, so you can feel free to use Evergreen branches, an actual blanket, or whatever your heart desires.
  • Stuffed Animals: The loss of an infant or a child can be devastating and visiting the grave can be very painful. By placing a toy or stuffed animal on the headstone of a child whose life was ended too soon, you can transform the gravesite into a space that reminds you of childhood, goodness, innocence, and the miracle of life.

Before decorating your loved one’s headstone, you should consult your cemetery’s caretaker or funeral provider to confirm whether there are any limitations or regulations regarding decorations. We hope that this article gives you the inspiration you need to add a touch of personality to your loved one’s headstone.