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Legacy Headstone's Resources and Articles

Journal that reads Funeral Plan

Funeral Planning and Preparation

Funeral planning and preparation amid grief can be one of the most difficult challenges. For many, planning a funeral can be distressing and frustrating. We are here to help you plan and prepare so that the process is as simple as possible so you can turn your focus toward yourself and your family.

cemetery with a headstone with accessories and a cross on top

Buying Headstones and Memorial Accessories

Whether you seek to upgrade a loved one's headstone or wish to find the perfect memorial accessories, we are here to support and educate you during this time with expert information and articles to make the process of memorials, headstones, and their accessories as easy as possible.

cemetery with vases and flowers on headstones

Headstone and Gravesite Decorum

Not every cemetery allows all decorations. In some cemeteries, headstones, memorials, or decorations may need to meet specific requirements. Headstone decorum can be confusing at first, but with Legacy Headstones, we can help you understand it and what it means for you and your loved ones' grave markers. From naming etiquette on tombstones to how some grieve and more, we try to help answer your questions during this difficult time.

person wiping down stone headstone

Headstone Care and Maintenance

They remain within our hearts long after they are gone, and their memories create a legacy. Their headstones deserve to continue that legacy throughout the years, remaining bright and beautiful. To maintain your loved ones' memorial, we cover everything you wish to know about headstone care and maintenance to prevent time and weather damage to such a meaningful tribute.

Resources for Funeral Planning and Headstone Buying

Headstones, funerals, memorials, and grieving are personal and vital to remembering a lived life. Yet, when you are mourning, the details of planning an end-of-life celebration can be heartbreakingly overwhelming.

You deserve the time to navigate this process naturally with friends and family, not being bogged down by forms, unanswered questions, or being left to scramble for much-needed details during mourning.

Too often, dealing with death is considered something we don't talk about, yet it is as part of life as living. With over a century of experience at Legacy, we decided to put that expertise and knowledge together to provide what we feel is a thorough resource for anyone to use. To us, and no doubt for you, it is much more than headstones.

On this page, you will find thorough articles and resources exploring some of the most frequently asked questions revolving around end-of-life, memorials, cultural traditions, and history around death, grieving, and remembering the lives of those we've cherished. Whether you are simply curious or seeking answers during this trying time, we hope we can answer your questions and provide much-needed support when needed.