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Headstone Care and Maintenance

moss covered gravestone

Spot the Signs a Memorial Needs Restoration Before it is Too Late

A memorial to a loved one should be one that can withstand the test of time, and yet so many experience the tragedy of having to replace entire headstones due to costly mistakes and harsh weather. We share with you how to spot the signs a memorial needs restoration before it is too late so that you and your family can save yourself from the harrowing experience of replacement. 

snow in cemetery

How to Protect Your Loved Ones Headstone in Harsh Weather

When harsh weather conditions are in the forecast, it isn't just our homes and property that could end up damaged. Whether rain, sleet, snow, or heat, learn how to protect your loved ones' headstones in harsh weather for a long-lasting, beautiful memorial for years to come. We also discuss what you should never use to avoid accidental damage.  


Mausoleum Maintenance

Maintaining your family's mausoleum is complicated, as many issues can crop up over time. Thankfully, we gathered our experts to create this article on mausoleum maintenance that outlines some of the most common problems and offers solutions for repair and restoration. 

old cemetery

The Most Common Headstone Issues and How to Solve Them

Your loved ones' headstone is a tribute to a well-loved life and a place for you, friends, and family to gather and remember. Occasionally, issues arise for specific grave markers, and many are unsure how to fix them. This article explains the most common headstone issues and how to solve them so that you can maintain a beautiful memorial for decades. 

bronze memorial headstones

Maintaining a Bronze Headstone and Memorial

The care and maintenance of bronze headstones and memorials don't have to be overly complicated. We share the most essential tips on keeping a loved one's marker beautiful.

broken headstone

Headstone Repair

Proper upkeep like gravestone repair is crucial to caring for your loved one's memorial. Headstone restoration can prevent the damaging effects of time and weathering.

brush cleaning a headstone

How to Clean a Headstone

With our easy-to-follow how-to guides, we help you with the basics of setting up headstones, and more. Read on for tips to make this difficult time a little easier.