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Funeral Planning and Preparation

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Sustainable Options for Green Burials

If you or a loved one requested a green burial, did you know there are Eco-friendly headstones available as sustainable options for their burial? Learn more by reading here.

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Creating Your Legacy by Preplanning Your Headstone

While few find the subject comfortable, there are many excellent reasons why you should be preplanning your headstone design now. Learn how to create your lasting legacy here.

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End-of-Life Resources and How to Find Them

Are you or a loved one planning ahead in the event of death? This helpful article discusses end-of-life resources and how to find them.


Finding the Best Cemetery for your Loved One

Finding the right cemetery for your family member is not always a straightforward decision. We’ll discuss several important factors to help you make the best choice.

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Top Four Misconceptions about Burial

At Legacy today, we strive to correct the top four misconceptions about burial to help those understand what end-of-life planning truly is.

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Financial Planning for Funeral Expenses

Thinking ahead to assist your friends, family, and loved ones during a trying time is one of the best ways to say how much you love and care for them. Funeral planning is a critical yet frequently overlooked aspect of future considerations.

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Grief and Funerals

Understanding the mourning process can help you begin the healing process. Grief and funerals are a part of many of our lives, and you are never alone. Grieving looks different for all of us, yet you may find comfort in reading the most common processes we experience during this challenging time gathered within this article. 

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How to Plan on Companion Headstones or Family Plots

Whether you or your family members have expressed interest in pre-planning funeral arrangements, we have the resources and information you need to plan companion headstones or family plots.  Read on to find what you need.

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Gravesites as Investments

How are gravesites viewed as investments? We explore the different avenues of grave investment, how they are part of the financial market, and how you can get in on this unusual venture. 

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Types of Burials

Choosing a final resting place is a special, meaningful decision. Whether you're considering types of burials for you or a loved one, you certainly have a lot to take into account.

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Burial vs. Cremation

Deciding between a cremation or burial is a serious process that requires a lot of consideration. Before deciding, it's important to have a good understanding of your options.

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How to Plan a Funeral

You may not need this knowledge now, but we all have to know how to plan a funeral at some point in life. Read our complete guide to learn more about memorials.

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Choosing a Gravesite

Selecting the final resting place of a loved one? Read our guide to choosing a gravesite today to learn more about location, price, rules, and so much more.

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Reasons Why You Should Pre-Plan Your Memorial

Personalize each element of your memorial service in advance. Read our article today to learn the top 10 reasons why you should preplan your funeral arrangements.

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Writing a Death Notice or Obituary

Don't let sorrow or writer's block interfere with memorializing your loved one. Read our guide to learn more about writing a death notice or obituary today.