Reasons Why You Should Pre-Plan Your Memorial

Death is not something we like to think about, especially in the prime of our lives. Planning for death can seem frustrating or overwhelming amidst all the other concerns and issues we face daily. In a world of uncertainty and continuous change, preplanning your own memorial service or end-of-life celebration in advance can increase the likelihood that loved ones respect your wishes and represent your interests in the memorial of your choice. Legacy Headstones took the liberty of compiling the top 10 reasons why you should preplan your memorial or service, so you can understand the advantages of creating a plan and keeping everyone involved.

Why Should I Preplan My Memorial or Service?

  1. Increase financial freedom: Funeral preparation comes as a steep expense for most families, making it trickier on loved ones and survivors when times are tight. Some funeral homes offer discounts to people that preplan their memorial services in advance as well as financing plans that allow you to pay off the cost of your funeral over time instead of in one lump sum.
  2. Personalize: Most people hope or want to know that we somehow made a difference in this world. Some say that we only live as long as the last person who remembers us, but you can certainly leave a lasting impression by personalizing your funeral arrangements and ending on your terms. You know yourself better than anyone. By planning your arrangements in advance, you have the ultimate say in how you are memorialized.
  3. Decrease financial burden: Funeral expenses continue to rise and present big challenges for families with limited financial abilities. By paying for your funeral arrangements in advance, you foot the bill for your funeral and minimize the financial burden on your family members or closest friends.
  4. Shop and compare: We usually shop around when it comes to big-ticket items, such as insurance premiums, vehicles, homes, and other assets, but we often forget to apply the same measure of premeditation when it comes to exploring funeral services and products. Give yourself enough time and financial freedom to compare funeral homes, so you can find the perfect place for you without any pressure or time limitations.
  5. Take your time: Most memorial services are planned and organized in less than a week, which leaves little to no time for thoughtful deliberation. When you plan ahead, you can be more methodical about the process.
  6. Focus on details: When funerals or memorial services are hastily planned, smaller details tend to get overlooked. Whether alone or with the help of a funeral planner, you can preplan all the minute details that give your memorial a touch of personality.
  7. Prevent stress: Aside from relieving your family of a large financial burden, you can also save them from the tremendous amount of stress that goes into coordinating a burial or cremation. Alleviate the load on your loved ones by getting your affairs in order before you die.
  8. Stamp of approval: If you insist on being cremated instead of buried, you can arrange this before death by making requests in your funeral plan. Loved ones will be able to turn your vision into a reality with the right direction.
  9. Ask questions: Planning a memorial service in advance is the best way to give yourself space and time you need to ask the right questions. Make a list of every inquiry you have about the funeral or the premises.
  10. Find trusted professionals: The ultimate benefit to pre-planning is the ability to develop a special dynamic between you, your family members, and the funeral director of your choice.

Creating a complete archive of every detail your loved ones need to arrange your funeral according to your wishes is a crucial step in the right direction.

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