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Porcelain Headstone Photo

When we lose important people in our lives, their photographs can bring back memories of them, helping us remember everything that made them special and unique to us. With a porcelain headstone photo, you can have that touching, visual reminder of your loved one for decades. 

Our ceramic headstone photo capabilities allow you to add a touch of color to your loved one's final resting place, which you or friends and family members will love to visit and speak to. Finding the perfect addition to a beautiful memorial for your loved one can be challenging, especially during mourning, between worrying about finances, the funeral, and other details. At Legacy, we do everything in our power to make this process as quick, simple, and easy as possible so you can return your focus to what is important: you and your family. 

Our porcelain headstone photo measures approximately four inches wide by six inches tall. When you find the perfect image of your loved one, our easy-to-use photo tool will help you position and save your designs and provide a preview before completing your purchase. Our online customization tool will also allow you to email or print your preview photo so that you can consult other family members before ever finalizing.

This porcelain headstone photo can be added to your custom engraved Legacy Memorial stone or can be affixed with the assistance of an already placed headstone with a company of your choice. We always use precise fabrication processes and the highest quality materials in every item while providing affordable prices for every budget. Your unique ceramic headstone photo is perfectly transcribed and will remain visible and bright for decades. 

Each porcelain headstone photo is also eligible for free shipping because we are dedicated to caring for our customers during this difficult time. The loss of a loved one is hard enough to bear, and grief is not a journey you go through alone. We have over a century of experience handcrafting superior memorial items at Legacy Headstones. 
If you have any questions about ordering a ceramic headstone photo for a memorial or our grave markers, please get in touch with us at any time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a ceramic headstone photo?

A ceramic headstone photo is a photograph of a loved one created from either ceramics or porcelain. Pictures can be in black, gray, white, and color.

What is the process of adding a ceramic headstone photo to a headstone?

A professional headstone company can place a ceramic headstone photo with a solid adhesive to withstand outdoor weather. Should you order a memorial from Legacy Headstones and include a ceramic photo, we can easily incorporate your image into your headstone design. 

How do I choose the right photo for a ceramic headstone photo?
To choose the best photo for a ceramic headstone photo, here are some guidelines to follow:

  • Avoid using any images that are cropped
  • Use a well-lit photo in focus where you can see their facial details clearly
  • Pick a photo that looks natural as possible. Avoid using over-saturated photos, photos that have been doctored, or photos taken in overly bright light. 
  • Try and choose a photo with a neutral background or a photo taken as a portrait in front of a backdrop.
  • Ensure your photo is high resolution and a digital image

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Ceramic Color Photo
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