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Headstone Vases

When visiting the resting place of a loved one at the cemetery, you and other friends and family will likely bring flowers to leave at the gravesite. Our headstone vases provide a beautiful receptacle for the flowers and the water needed to sustain them. The blooms brought by visitors last longer and remain tidier when a tombstone vase is available.

Celebrate a life with the understated elegance of a classic memorial flower vase. Our headstones vases include elegant styles designed to complement any gravesite marker. They are lovely with our granite upright headstones and our slanted “pillow” headstones. Our best-selling styles include classic style and graceful lines in colors black and rose. Looking for headstone vases that can accommodate tight spaces? Look no further than our three-inch base tapered vase.

Our selection of headstone vases includes various options for you to choose from. To personalize your chosen vase with a front photo or design at no extra cost, please click Customize It. This adds the tombstone vase to your cart, where you can enter your instructions for customization into the Comments section.

Gifts for the Gravesite

When visiting cemeteries, you often see monuments or gravestones decorated with cherished objects. Throughout many cultures, the final resting place becomes a new home for lost loved ones. Soldiers, veterans, and patriots are often honored with small American flags or coins on the headstone

Deceased of the Jewish faith are often honored when visitors place small stones on the headstone. Others prefer to embellish grave sites according to the season, with festive decorations or ornaments in a pretty display for all to enjoy. 

One of the most recent trends in gravestone decorating is the use of solar power to illuminate the grave at night. But few tributes are as popular as flowers. We offer an affordable variety of headstone vases so you can add flowers or decorations to a loved one’s burial site.

High-Quality Headstone Vases

Each headstone vase design is as stylish and elegant as the next. Our exclusive coating process protects the surface, adding durability without compromising beauty. Discover how our commitment to quality and dedicated craftsmanship makes our tombstone vases stand out from the rest. 

If you have any questions about our selection of vases or would like assistance in evaluating our headstones with vases, please contact us, and a member of our team will get right back to you. Or please call us at 800-611-1340 for further assistance. We will be honored to make your loved one’s gravesite more welcoming.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can headstone vases be used in different seasons or climates?

Our headstone vases can be used in different seasons, climates, and weather thanks to the premium materials we always use.

Can headstone vases be customized or personalized?

At Legacy Headstones, you can customize our headstone vases. Browse our selection, then find a headstone vase that suits your needs. Below the headstone vase’s image, click the “Customize It” button to add your comments and requests.

Can headstone vases be used for both single and companion (double) graves?

Headstone vases are a flawless addition for single and companion graves and can be used to decorate a memorial. Before you order a granite headstone vase, please ensure your cemetery allows them for decorating.


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Granite Headstone Flower Vase

Granite Headstone Flower Vase

Headstone Flower Vase

Headstone Flower Vase

Headstone Flower Vase (narrow)

Headstone Flower Vase (narrow)

Inground Black Lawn/Flush Ground Vase

Inground Black Lawn/Flush Ground Vase