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Pillow Headstones

When we wish to memorialize our loved ones, we often seek unique and meaningful ways to honor their memory. Two distinctive and traditional options that many turn two are pillow headstones and slant headstones. These markers offer a choice that departs from the upright while providing a more personalized and beautiful tribute.

Pillow headstones, called pillow markers, are characterized by a gently sloping top reminiscent of a soft pillow. These memorials create a sense of comfort and serenity to families, symbolizing peaceful rest, while the rounded shape adds an element of elegance. Pillow markers' curved surface also allows grieving families to add stunning inscriptions and engravings. 

On the other hand, slant headstones, as their names suggest, are characterized by a clean, sleek, angeled appearance. These memorials lean back, offering a dynamic and modern twist to traditional gravestones. The slanted design provides visual interest and an opportunity for creative expressions, such as inscriptions, artwork, or photographs that tell the departed's story. 

Both pillow headstones and slant headstones are optional choices for someone seeking to depart from the usual design but still wishing to create a lasting tribute. Our headstones are made from exceptional quality granite and handled with the utmost care and respect. We are immensely dedicated to our craft and quality, and each memorial from us is guaranteed against natural deterioration, cracking, or discoloration for 500 years. 

Providing families with the opportunity to create a lasting, customized tribute that truly reflects the individuality of their loved ones has always been our goal. Whether the gentle slope of a pillow headstone appeals to you or the sleek lines of slant headstones, we would be honored to help you find a way to celebrate the life of your loved one in a one-of-a-kind way.

At Legacy Headstones, when choosing a lasting memorial for your loved one, the last thing we believe you should focus on are the details and not the celebration of their life and mourning of their passing. That is why we also handle shipping insurance; just one last piece you need not worry about.

Do you have more questions for us? Would you like to know about free shipping or have any other concerns? Please get in touch with us at any time by calling or completing our online form for assistance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are pillow headstones?

Pillow headstones are curved, rounded headstones that resemble the shape of a pillow.

Do all cemeteries allow pillow headstones?

Some cemeteries may not allow pillow headstones. Before you decide to purchase one, please make sure your cemetery has no restrictions on pillow markers.

What is the average size of a slant headstone?

A single slant headstone will generally measure 24 inches long, 10 inches wide, and 16 inches high.


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(3 person) Black Granite Slant Marker Headstone 30x10x16

(3 person) Black Granite Slant Marker
Regular Price $2,300.00
Sale Price $1,849.00

***Flash Sale*** Black Granite Slant Headstone Marker

Black Granite Slant Headstone Marker 20" long x 10" thick x 16" high
Regular Price $2,199.00
Sale Price $1,499.00

Black Granite Companion Slant Marker Headstone 30x10x16

Black Granite Companion Slant Marker
Regular Price $1,899.00
Sale Price $1,599.00

Companion Black Granite Pillow Marker Headstone 30x10x6

Companion Black Granite Pillow Marker
Regular Price $1,799.00
Sale Price $1,199.00

Single Black Granite Pillow Marker Headstone Free Photo 20x10x6

Single Black Granite Pillow Marker Free Photo
Regular Price $1,599.00
Sale Price $1,099.00