Choosing a Headstone Design

Designing a meaningful memorial to commemorate the life of a loved one is a vast responsibility. Designing the grave of a loved one is not a responsibility we face every day. While shopping and finalizing funeral plans may seem simple to some, others might not know where to start. With almost a century of experience in handcrafting headstones, we’re an excellent resource for memorial design. We hope to help you in choosing a headstone design that best represents your loved one. Today, we explain some of the customization options available to you.

Choosing a Headstone Design

Once you’ve decided the type and material of headstone to use at your loved one’s final resting place, you can safely customize the memorial to include special artwork or meaningful anecdotes that the deceased or next of kin desired. Headstones might be used to identify the name, birth, and death records of the deceased, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a touch of personality for all those who visit the grave to enjoy.

Imagery: There are many ways to incorporate images or photographs on your loved one’s headstone. Craftsmen use machine-assisted technology or their own hands to carefully etch designs into bronze or granite. If you would prefer a full-color photograph, a ceramic image might be the most suitable option. If a photograph might be too painful to see, you can add another image that represents the beliefs of passions of the deceased. For someone who was religious, you might consider adding a Christian cross, the Star of David, or a pair of angel wings.

Lettering: The font used to create an inscription can impact the overall look of a headstone. Classic Roman, Optima, Old English, Uncial Gothic, and Zapf Chancery are just five of the most common typefaces used to inscribe epitaphs and other meaningful messages. Some types of lettering require deeper cuts on the part of the stonemason and are more compatible with certain materials. Before you decide, we recommend that you consult your stonemason to get recommendations based on the inscription you’ve chosen and the material of your loved one’s headstone.

Color: Gravestones are available in a wide variety of colors, so choosing the right one can seem intimidating. Some cemeteries place strict restrictions on headstone color and material. Before deciding to buy, we recommend that you speak with the appropriate personnel to ensure compliance. Granite is the most popular headstone material because it resists weathering and retains its shine for centuries. Granite is available in black, blue, gray, pink, red, and more. If your loved one requested a bronze memorial, you have several oxidation options to choose from. Bronze develops a patina over time, and the result ranges from antiqued green to light or dark brown.

Contour: The cuts and curves of your loved one’s headstone can affect other design elements. Headstones can be made with a rectangular, square, or pointed top. Some cemeteries ask that headstone bases feature curved edging to protect them from lawn mowing equipment. If you can’t seem to find a shape that speaks to you, the stonemason you employ should be able to customize the contour and molding of your loved one’s monument.

Dimensions: All private and public cemeteries have headstone dimension requirements, so it is important that you follow and comply with any rules or regulations. Standard sizes for single graves are usually 24 by 12, 28 by 16, and 18 by 24 inches. Standard sizes for companion graves are usually 36 by 18 or 44 by 14 inches. A stonemason will be able to adapt your headstone design in order to meet the requirements of your chosen cemetery.

Choosing a headstone design can be difficult, but we hope that this guide gives you the inspiration to make a lasting memorial for your loved one. We offer a wide selection of headstones and grave markers. Our online customization tool allows you to save and make changes to your design until you are satisfied with the result. Once approved and purchased, our team will manufacture the headstone you designed according to your exact specifications. Contact us today with any questions, and a member of our courteous staff will help you every step of the way.

Create Your Loved One’s Customized Headstone

At Legacy Headstones it is our goal to provide you with the tools you need in order to create the perfect headstones for graves that honor your loved one. Legacy Headstones has been a family run business for almost 100 years so we understand the importance of a legacy. Creation and design of headstones may have changed over the years but one thing has not, our family tradition. We are proud to have our two sons Shane and Dustyn to carry on the craft of providing people with quality headstones at affordable prices.

We understand that it is always hard to lose a loved one, and we hope that Legacy Headstones can make choosing the right memorial as easy as possible. Our free memorial designer is easy to use and helps to ensure they you are able to create the perfect headstone for the departed. It really is simple, just choose the style of headstone you wish to customize, then use the designer to add anything you wish such as a family name, favorite quote, or even an image. Our designer gives you the opportunity to continue your loved one’s legacy and pass it on to future generations!

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