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Companion Grass Level Headstones and Grave Markers

As a family-owned and operated business, we deeply understand how difficult it can be to deal with losing loved ones. The details can seem overwhelming during grief, and funeral expenses can deepen that despair. You may wish for some way to memorialize those so dear to you, but wonder if there is any way to acquire high-quality headstones that perfectly capture what they meant to you and your family. 

At Legacy Headstones, were are committed to crafting custom flat companion headstones from gorgeous bronze and granite. We are also passionate about making the entire process of choosing grass-level companion headstones as stress-free as possible. With every monument on our site, when you select the right one for your departed, our easy-to-use online tool is immediately available to begin customizing. This tool lets you preview custom text, images, or any details you want to include.

Flat companion headstones are not only economical for those concerned with funeral expenses; they are beautiful testaments to how cherished and loved your lost loved one was. Whether you wish to place grass-level companion headstones in a public or private cemetery or within a private memorial place, these markers are perfect for any installation. 

We have been dutifully crafting moving memorials nationwide since 1920. Our highly skilled professional engravers have created flawless photographs, engravings, and transcriptions that will remain visible for years—and we can back up our craftsmanship with our 500-year guarantee. We promise our granite memorials can withstand any natural deterioration, cracking, or discoloration for up to half a century.

There is no need to worry that our affordable prices affect the quality of our flat companion headstones. On top of ensuring the customization process is as simple for our customers as possible, we've also provided your grass-level companion headstones with free shipping. 

We wish to convey our deepest sympathies and thank you for allowing us the privilege of honoring the life of your loved one with our custom headstones. If you have any questions about our selection of grass-level companion headstones, please contact us toll-free today, or complete our online form any time. It would be our pleasure to assist in any way we can. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a flat companion headstone?

A flat companion headstone, or grass-level companion headstone, is an extra wide grave marker designed for life-long companions. Flat grave markers are set flat and flush to the ground, allowing an inscription for two.

What are the advantages of choosing a flat companion headstone?

The advantages of flat companion headstones are that they provide the same benefits as traditional memorials. The same designs, epitaphs, embellishments, or photos can be engraved on flat companion headstones while affordable for those overwhelmed with funeral expenses.

Can I personalize a flat companion headstone with custom designs or engravings?

At Legacy Headstones, you can customize and personalize our flat companion headstones with photographs of your loved one, etchings of their favorite photos and places, and customize the name, fate, and verse or saying.


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3D Image companion Bronze Headstone 36"x13" Mounted on 40x17 Granite

3D Image companion Bronze 36"x13" Mounted on 40x17 Granite
Regular Price $5,999.00
Sale Price $4,999.00

Companion Grass Level Black Granite Headstones 36" Long x 12" Wide x 4" Thick

Companion Grass Level Black Granite 36" Long x 12" Wide x 4" Thick
Regular Price $2,499.00
Sale Price $1,499.00

Small Companion Grass Level Headstone 24x12x4

Small Companion Grass Level 24x12x4
Regular Price $1,599.00
Sale Price $1,099.00