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DIY Memorials: Keepsake Crafts for Remembrance
DIY craft ideas for memorials or keepsakes to help you in your grieving journey. We share a few beautiful and touching memorial ideas that you may find comforting.
Will and Estate Planning Basics
It is never too late or too early to learn about will and estate planning. Join us as we explain the basics of this complex topic to help you with end-of-life plans.
Incorporate Music in a Memorial Service and Playlist Suggestions
During a time of sorrow, allow us to help alleviate some of your worries by sharing tips on incorporating music into memorial services as well as sharing some playlist suggestions.
Online Tools that Assist in Digital Memorials
When someone we love passes, we do not need to be a tech expert to create a memorial tribute. Join us as we share the best online tools to assist in creating digital memorials.
Critical Importance of Graveyard Photography
In appreciation of the countless hard-working, passionate professionals and amateurs who volunteer tirelessly, we dive deeper into the critical importance of graveyard photography.
Holding a Celebration of Life Party to Memorialize a Loved One
Your memorial for a loved one does not need to be entirely solemn should you wish. Join us as we explore memorializing a loved one with a celebration of life party.
Seekers of Forgotten Burial Grounds: Rediscovering History and Family
Life was very different within the United States more than a century ago, with record keeping, technology, and other significant events that made life extremely difficult. Through records lost and time passing, many communities around the country are rediscovering abandoned cemeteries and historical family lines though long lost. Join us as we learn about just two examples of rediscovering forgotten history with us.
Choosing The Right Speaker for a Loved One's Funeral
The most memorable and possibly comforting part of any memorial or service is listening to a wonderful speaker delivering loving memories and sharing the life experienced of a loved one. But how do you go about choosing and finding a speaker for a speech at a loved one’s memorial? In this article, we’ll do our best to guide you toward choosing an ideal speaker for you.
Unique Memorial Services for a Unique Loved One
While a memorial is a bittersweet event, it can also be complicated to plan or come up with ideas when a family is in the midst of grief. We share some examples of unique memorial services for your loved one so that you can pay them the tribute and celebrate the life they deserve.
Choosing the Right Burial Plot: What Should You Consider?
Everything we believe you need to know about choosing the right burial plot and all the things to consider to help you make the ideal decision is in this article to ensure you can make an informed decision. Read on to discover why this is a critical step for all of us.