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Tips for Writing a Meaningful Eulogy
Being the one to deliver a eulogy can feel overwhelming. We would like to help you with these tips on a meaningful eulogy and how to write it. We hope it brings you comfort and assistance.
Exploring Green and Eco-Friendly Burial Options
There are many Eco-friendly, green burial options to choose from for you and your loved ones . If you are interested in leaving little to no footprint on the environment while leaving a beautiful legacy, today we share some of the top green options for you.
Modern vs. Traditional Funeral Comparison
Do you or your loved one wonder about traditional vs. modern funerals and their differences? If you're questioning which to choose, we have an informative article here that may help guide you.
Critical Role Cemeteries Play for Local History
We showcase the essential role of cemeteries in local history and heritage, how they can help the community and their important place in society, and their impact.
Legacy Memorial or Tribute Websites
Let us help you in honoring their legacy. Creating a memorial website or tribute site is a wonderful means to show the world how much they meant to you and others.
Cemetery Etiquette Practices
Within society, there are guidelines and rules surrounding many things. Today, we'd like to share with you common cemetery and headstone etiquette to avoid issues.
Crafting Meaningful Epitaphs and Tribute Messages
Learn how you can craft meaningful inscriptions, epitaphs, and tribute messages on loved ones' monuments for a beautifully moving message that will last decades.
Angel Memorial Meanings and Types
There is a world of significance in grave marker motifs. Today we explore the different types of angels used in memorials and what their details can symbolize and represent.
Maintaining a Bronze Headstone and Memorial
The care and maintenance of bronze headstones and memorials don't have to be overly complicated. We share the most essential tips on keeping a loved one's marker beautiful.
Types and Styles of Gorgeous Mausoleums
Modern, classical, or abstract--there's more to mausoleums than just one mold. We explore the different types and styles of mausoleums most popular today.