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2 Person Urns

Our Brazilian cherry urns, Dark wood urns, and Granite urns are known for their rich hues and exquisite craftsmanship. Our two-person urn selection has been carefully curated to present premium designs and materials while remaining affordable to families seeking to preserve a loved one's legacy for years. 

A Brazillian cherry wood companion urn showcases nature's deep, reddish-brown color, evoking warmth and elegance with Colonial-inspired detailing. The same master craftsmanship can be found in our sleek and beautiful Dark wood Companion urn. A lustrous finish applied along with our beautiful engraving can create a moving work of art that also provides durability, preserving the wood companion urn's allure for generations. 

If our wooden two-person urn selection does not feel right, you may want to consider our striking Granite companion urns. Crafted from American-sourced granite chosen for its particularly alluring look and resilience, granite is one of the strongest, most weather-resistant stones with which to create a lasting tribute. Polished to a gorgeous high shine, details engraved on a Granite companion urn showcase the stone's innate beauty by providing a smooth, reflective surface that allows the detailed engraving of images or words to stand out. 

Each of these companion urns, Brazillian, Dark wood, and Granite stone—holds a unique allure for families seeking a heartfelt choice that resonates with them and the memory of their loved one. 

Whether the warm, vibrant tones of Brazilian Cherry, the classic elegance of Dark wood, or the enduring strength of granite stone, these urns stand as befitting tributes to honor a life so dearly loved and honoring their memory. To make customizing these memorials as straightforward and hassle-free as possible, we've ensured each urn can be customized within that urn's page. You may add dates, names, abbreviations, and images to engrave upon our companion urns for the perfect memorial celebrating two souls bound together for eternity. 

Do you have more questions about our two-person urn selection, or do you wish to ask us about something else? Please feel free to contact our excellent customer service team. It would be their pleasure to assist you during this challenging time.


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Brazilian Cherry Urn (Companion)

Indoor Cremation Urn
Regular Price $499.00
Sale Price $299.00

Dark Wood Urn (Companion)

Indoor Cremation Urn
Regular Price $499.00
Sale Price $299.00