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2 Person Urns

Families seeking to preserve the legacy of a loved one during a time of mourning should not struggle to find the financial resources for an urn. Our Brazilian Cherry wood, Dark Wood, and Granite urns are affordable. Stunning in finish and beauty, while simplistic, they are timelessly elegant. 
These two-person urns may be the perfect choice for dear loved ones who adore all things nature and wood, from the deep reddish-hue of Brazillian cherry or mahogany to the Colonial-inspired detailing of our Black Wood urns. We use the finest finishes, ensuring a lustrous sheen that works seamlessly with our exquisite engraving. These companion two-person urns aren’t just a final resting place worthy of your loved one but works of art that can be displayed within the home. 
In addition to adding a lustrous coating, our finishes ensure that our two-person companion wood urns are exceptionally durable, preserving the wood urn’s natural allure for decades to come. 
If you feel our wooden two-person urns do not feel right to you or represent your loved ones, may we offer our striking natural Granite companion urns? For decades, American-made and American-sourced granite has long been one of the most used materials for lasting, heartfelt memorials. With its extreme durability and polished to a high shine, it is a flawless choice for engravings, epitaphs, and even intricately detailed photos of your loved one, forever preserved. 
Each of our companion urns, whether Brazillian cherry wood, Dark Wood, or Granite, can hold a unique charm for families seeking a heartfelt tribute that best represents their departed. Each companion urn has been meticulously crafted with the utmost respect for what these vessels are and what they can become. In addition to crafting only the finest two-person urns, we have ensured that the customization process remains as straightforward as possible. We provide customization options directly on the page of each urn.   You may add dates, names, abbreviations, and images, creating a perfect memorial that encapsulates two souls forever bound together in love and eternity. 

Please get in touch with us anytime if you have any questions about our companion two-person urns. It would be our pleasure to assist you in any way during this trying time.


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Brazilian Cherry Urn (Companion)

Indoor Cremation Urn
Regular Price $499.00
Sale Price $299.00

Dark Wood Urn (Companion)

Indoor Cremation Urn
Regular Price $499.00
Sale Price $299.00