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Single Bronze Headstones and Grave Markers

A headstone is a life-long investment dedicated to the memory of the departed. It symbolizes who the person was and how much they were loved and missed. It is a hard decision, especially during grieving, expenses, and funeral planning involving the loved one who has passed on. When you wish to create a stunning monument for your loved one that won't add to the burdens you already face, a single bronze headstone is a beautiful and affordable choice.

A single bronze headstone is a stately and elegant way to commemorate your loved one. Our commitment to quality begins from the start, as we only choose the highest quality materials available to ensure that our headstones require minimal maintenance while withstanding decades. As bronze is a timeless metal alloy used for centuries, it can be cared for by simply using a soft bristle brush to remove dirt and debris or gently scrubbing the single bronze headstone to keep it looking radiant.

During your grieving period, we believe the last thing anyone wishes to do is struggle with a complicated headstone design. To ensure that creating your touching memorial is as easy as possible, each headstone you browse provides our convenient design tool. This tool allows you to add your images, photos, text, and fonts to preview how your single bronze headstone will look ahead of time while also allowing you to see how much space you have for your text and more. These headstones are also eligible for our stunning 3D imaging services, so long as the images are 300 pixels per square inch (DPI.) 

Some of our single bronze headstones are mounted on exceptional quality granite bases for ultimate ground-level stability. During this time of grieving, you deserve the expertise and empathetic professionals that are eager and willing to make customizing and purchasing a single bronze headstone as smooth as possible. We have fulfilled and served customers for over a century at Legacy Headstones, a family-owned and operated business. Choosing Legacy means you will receive a customer service experience that is uniquely tailored to be empathetic and understanding of the difficulties you face while going above and beyond to ensure excellence. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. It would be our pleasure to help. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How durable is a single bronze headstone?

As with granite cemetery memorials, when crafted with premium materials and properly maintained and cared for, a single bronze headstone could last thousands of years.

What are the maintenance requirements for a single bronze headstone?

You can maintain the beauty and brilliance of a single bronze headstone easily by: 

  • Using a soft bristle brush to remove any dirt, grasses, leaves, or debris first
  • Using a soft, dampened, lint-free cloth to scrub the memorial gently
  • Use a second, soft, lint-free dry cloth to remove any moisture thoroughly
  • Use a bronze-specific wax should you wish to polish and protect the finish

Are there any specific cemetery regulations or guidelines for installing a single bronze headstone?

While a few standard cemetery regulations and guidelines are generally shared, each cemetery may choose to have installation rules that differ from one another. For specific restrictions, you must call or visit the cemetery where your loved one will be buried to gather these three critical pieces of information: 

  1. Is there a certain size a single bronze headstone must be?
  2. What is the acceptable color for a bronze headstone?
  3. Should the marker be bronze only or bronze and granite? 

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Bronze Headstone 24X12 Takes 60-120 Days to Complete!

Bronze Marker 24"x12"x3/4" Takes 60-120 Days to Complete!
Regular Price $3,999.00
Sale Price $2,999.00

3D Image Single Bronze Headstone - 24"x12" Mounted on 28x16 Granite

3D Image Single Bronze___ 24"x12" Mounted on 28x16 Granite
Regular Price $4,999.00
Sale Price $3,999.00