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Red Granite Headstones

Choosing a memorial headstone, whether for yourself or a loved one, is a deeply personal process, one that we understand how important it is to find the perfect tribute to your loved one’s memory. 

Our red granite memorial headstone is crafted from the finest-quality American-sourced red granite. Each monument we carve and engrave, we know will be the carrier of unique stories, symbols of love, strength, and remembrance. A red granite headstone is far more than just stone; it embodies a sense of warmth, passion, and enduring love. Its rich hues can often evoke the profound emotions we hold for those we cherish, serving as a timeless tribute to their life and legacy. 

We also understand that should you be in the midst of the grieving process, attempting to handle all the details of end-of-life arrangements can feel impossible. To help your process of headstone choosing as well as decorating even easier, we’ve provided a unique and convenient tool that can be used directly with our red granite memorial headstone pages. Once you browse and find the one that speaks to you most, you can begin designing the flawless monument immediately. Depending on the style of the red granite headstone, you can easily choose an image or three of the provided beautiful artwork or even upload your own. You can also place a family name, first and last name, dates, and a favorite verse, saying, song lyrics, or quote. Please remember, however, before placing a red granite headstone within your cart to order, all names, dates, abbreviations, and spellings are correct. 

At Legacy Headstones, we have been a family-owned, family-run business since 1920. With a century of experience, we dedicate our knowledge and expertise to ensuring every headstone we create is handled with the utmost respect and care it deserves. With a more than 500-year guarantee and our caring staff working side by side, we can make the perfect red granite memorial headstone that will capture the beauty, personality, joys, and legacy of a loved one to last for generations. 

Would you like to ask us more questions? Do you need any help with anything? Please do not hesitate to contact us. Our sensitive and caring customer support is here for you.


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RED Companion Upright Headstone Monument (Corner Designs) 36inch top 46inch base

RED Companion Monument (Corner Designs) 36inch top 46inch base
Regular Price $4,995.00
Sale Price $3,599.00

RED Granite GrassMarker Headstones 24" Long x 12" Wide x 4" Thick

.....RED Granite 24" Long x 12" Wide x 4" Thick
Regular Price $1,999.00
Sale Price $1,199.00

RED Single Upright Headstone Monument 24inch Top 34inch Base

RED Single Monument 24inch Top 34inch Base

Ruby Red Granite Angel Heart Headstone Ceramic Photo

Ruby Red Granite Angel Heart
Regular Price $9,999.00
Sale Price $7,399.00