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Pink Granite Headstones

A pink granite headstone holds a tender and compassionate presence. Pink has often been seen and associated with affection, innocence, and enduring love. With soft, delicate hues or rose and blush, pink granite memorials can create a much-needed sense of serenity and gentle atmosphere, serving as a heartfelt and meaningful tribute to individuals whose lives were filled with love and kindness. 

We chose American-sourced, premium-quality pink granite for its striking beauty and as an embodiment of cherished memories that celebrate a deeply loved and profoundly treasured life. 

At a family-owned, family-run business for more than one hundred years, we bring our unique experience with us every step in creating a pink granite headstone. We aim to provide our customers with superior granite, stunning details, and a memorial built with profound respect. We understand how precious each of our memorials is, handling each aspect of creation with care. 

No one wishes to be in the situation where they must seek out a headstone for their loved one, which is why at Legacy we designed and provide our patented tool that will allow you to create the headstone ideal for your loved one within that headstone's webpage. Simply click on a pink granite headstone that speaks to you and your loved one's life, and begin to add names and dates, upload a photo, use our tasteful and moving provided images, and more for each of our headstones. Please ensure that after creating a headstone in our tool and before adding it to your cart to double-check spelling, dates, and abbreviations, we can provide you with a gorgeous monument. 

Pink granite memorials showcase elegance and sentimentality and, with their delicate shades, create a monument that stands out and is a stunning tribute to a life well-lived and so dearly missed. We would be honored to create a memorial to capture your departed's gentle spirit and loving nature. If you have any questions about the process, our customization tool, or a pink granite headstone, please get in touch with us at any time. Our caring service team would be happy to assist.


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Pink Companion Monument Headstone 36inch top 46inch base

Pink Companion Monument 36inch top 46inch base
Regular Price $3,599.00
Sale Price $2,599.00

Pink Granite Grass Level Headstones (Autumn Rose)... 24" Long x 12" Wide x 4" Thick

...Pink Granite (Autumn Rose)... 24" Long x 12" Wide x 4" Thick
Regular Price $1,499.00
Sale Price $999.00