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500 Year Guarantee

A memorial guarante e from LegacyHeadstones guarantees the headstone against any natural deterioration, cracking or discoloration — for 500 Years!

Fact #1: True granite is named by the percentage of quartz and feldspar it contains. Making it a superior material for a monument as it will never deteriorate!

Fact #2: Natural stone is a natural material and is extremely durable and will resist the continually changing atmosphere. Colored marble and limestone show the first signs of weathering between 25-75 years after initial installation, white marble after 100 -150 years and the best grades of small-grained granite after more than 500 years… thus LegacyHeadstones guarantees their memorials for 500 years!

LegacyHeadstones uses only the finest granite in the world!

LegacyHeadstones’s guarantee is simply the best and most comprehensive guarantee you will find for any monument, headstone, grass marker, cemetery marker, or bronze cemetery memorial.  We have been producing quality memorial products since 1920!


Memorial Guarantee

We hereby certify the memorial you purchased was fabricated from the finest quality natural granite and/or true memorial bronze.

We guarantee the granite used is free from defects that would render it unsuitable for memorial purposes and that it will not check, crack or disintegrate.

Should any part or parts of the memorial covered by this warranty ever prove to be defective in either material or workmanship, we will replace them free of all expense to the purchaser or their heirs.

We regret we cannot be responsible for damage done to the memorial by moving equipment, vandalism, unusual environmental or atmospheric conditions, or natural disasters.  This guarantee does not warrant any vases, ceramic photos, or any "add on products".