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Special Shape Headstones

We all mourn losses in individual ways. As a family-owned and operated business, Legacy Headstones understands just how difficult these times can be. We are committed to simplifying the process of choosing a headstone for your loved one by providing the tools you need to create a special memorial. Our selection of heart-shaped headstones includes black and red granite monuments made with meticulous attention to detail. All custom headstones are made right here in America, and we use only the most experienced laser engravers in the country to ensure your special anecdotes are perfectly transcribed. Explore our selection today to find a special remembrance of your loved one.

Despite the ubiquity of its symbol, the traditional heart shape held little significance until the 13th century. Before that point, the shape was drawn and generally used for decorative purposes. Today, the heart shape is ubiquitously used as a representation of central wisdom as opposed to head wisdom. People who lead their lives with love, kindness, compassion, creativity, and other essential empathies deserve a monument worthy of his or her distinction. Our heart-shaped headstones are crafted from high-quality granite, which is impermeable to hail, rain, mildew, and mold, as well as the wear and tear of environmental conditions.

Our online design tool allows you to save projects and preview before finalizing your order. We also provide a library of artwork and imagery, including religious symbols, flora, fauna, popular hobbies, and so much more. With ample space to include a special message, you can engrave an epitaph, lines of a poem, or a favorite catchphrase of the deceased individual. Please remember to double check all spelling, abbreviations, and dates for accuracy before finalizing your purchase.

Companion headstones are ideal for any couple or close family members that have chosen companion cemetery plots as their final resting places. All our heart-shaped headstones come with bases to provide extra stability for years to come. We also provide a lifetime guarantee against wear and tear. Best of all, your headstone ships free of cost to the gravesite of your choice. Some cemeteries may place restrictions on stone color, size, installation, or accessories. We recommend that you check with your funeral provider prior to making your final decision. If you have any questions, please contact us by calling toll-free or completing our online form for further assistance.


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Butterfly Headstone 33"x6"x32"

Butterfly 33"x6"x32"
Regular Price $9,999.00
Sale Price $6,999.00

Ruby Red Granite Angel Heart Headstone Ceramic Photo

Ruby Red Granite Angel Heart
Regular Price $9,999.00
Sale Price $7,399.00

Limited Time SPECIAL! Single Black Granite Carved Angel Heart Headstones

Limited Time SPECIAL! Single Black Granite Carved Angel
Regular Price $5,799.00
Sale Price $4,799.00

Standing Angel Headstone

Fully Carved Black Granite Angel 24-inch Top 34-inch Base
Regular Price $5,999.00
Sale Price $4,999.00

FREE Photo and Artwork! Companion Carved Angel

FREE Photo and Artwork! Companion Carved Angel
Regular Price $6,999.00
Sale Price $5,499.00

Horse Rearing 24"x6"x30" 90-120 days

Horse Rearing 24"x6"x30" 90-120 days
Regular Price $8,999.00
Sale Price $7,999.00

Flash Sale! Only 10 Available! Heavenly French Curve

Flash Sale! Only 10 Available! Heavenly French Curve
Regular Price $7,999.00
Sale Price $4,995.00

Bahama Blue Cross Companion Headstone 48x6x22

Beautiful Bahama Blue Cross Shaped Headstone
Regular Price $12,799.00
Sale Price $9,799.00