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Special Shape Headstones

When someone we love is lost, they will forever remain in our hearts, even when it feels like ours are breaking during our mourning. During this tragic time, the last thing anyone wants to consider is the tiny details surrounding end-of-life, funeral expenses, and headstones. And that is why we provide the services we do here at Legacy.

When it comes to genuinely unique memorials, our selection of special shape headstones will capture the life and memory of your loved one perfectly. Whether you seek a heart-shaped stone to represent the love remembered and lost, a butterfly as it was your loved one's favorite motif, or choose to encompass the sorrow and beauty of their life with an angel—you can do all that and more here.

Custom headstone designs are as easy as browsing our selection, choosing the one that speaks to you, and opening that headstone. Each stone has a page where our easy-to-use designer loads for you to begin customizing your headstone designs. Depending on the stone material, you can customize and add a photo or several photos, text, dates, and a memorial quote, verse, or saying that was important to you or your loved one. There is ample space in our custom headstone designs for you to capture your loved one's story, and you can also preview your design before finalizing or save it and come back to it when the time is right before committing to the final memorial to ensure there aren't any mistakes. 

Our commitment to quality begins when we choose the most stunning pieces of granite to engrave. From there, at every step, we ensure the details are perfect so that you get a breathtakingly lovely memorial and one that will outlast time and weather for centuries. 

From heart-shaped angels to rearing stallions and butterflies—there is a beautiful memorial here for all your needs. At Legacy, we have been family-owned and family-run for well over a century, giving us the experience and empathy toward understanding how valuable your time is during your grieving process—which is why we go above and beyond to ensure this process is as simple as possible so that you can focus on what truly matters: your family and your healing. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all cemeteries allow special shape headstones?

Each cemetery may have guidelines and rules about what sort of headstones are acceptable. Please ensure you are familiar with any restrictions on unique shapes before purchasing.

What is the meaning of a teardrop headstone?

Teardrop headstones symbolize the tears we shed and the grief we feel at losing a loved one.

What kinds of special-shaped headstones are available?

A wide range of special-shaped headstones is available such as butterflies, rearing horses, heart-shaped angels, French-curve, and Blue Cross Companion.


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Butterfly Headstone 33"x6"x32"

Butterfly 33"x6"x32"
Regular Price $9,999.00
Sale Price $6,999.00

Ruby Red Granite Angel Heart Headstone Ceramic Photo

Ruby Red Granite Angel Heart
Regular Price $9,999.00
Sale Price $7,399.00

Limited Time SPECIAL! Single Black Granite Carved Angel Heart Headstones

Limited Time SPECIAL! Single Black Granite Carved Angel
Regular Price $5,799.00
Sale Price $4,799.00

Standing Angel Headstone

Fully Carved Black Granite Angel 24-inch Top 34-inch Base
Regular Price $5,999.00
Sale Price $4,999.00

FREE Photo and Artwork! Companion Carved Angel

FREE Photo and Artwork! Companion Carved Angel
Regular Price $6,999.00
Sale Price $5,499.00

Horse Rearing 24"x6"x30" 90-120 days

Horse Rearing 24"x6"x30" 90-120 days
Regular Price $8,999.00
Sale Price $7,999.00

**LIMITED TIME** Heavenly French Curve **LOW PRICE**

Flash Sale! Only 10 Available! Heavenly French Curve
Regular Price $7,999.00
Sale Price $4,995.00

Bahama Blue Cross Companion Headstone 48x6x22

Beautiful Bahama Blue Cross Shaped Headstone
Regular Price $12,799.00
Sale Price $9,799.00

Patriotic Flag Memorial

Fully carved Black granite patriotic Flag Headstone
Regular Price $5,999.00
Sale Price $4,299.00