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Headstone Plaques

Timeless and elegant means to honor and remember someone special, a black granite memory plaque can add so much to a loved one’s memorial. Created from American-sourced, highest-quality black granite, these are not only exceptionally durable but also exude dignity and preserve the memory of a loved one for memorialization. 

We chose to utilize black granite as it is renowned for its longevity and resilience, making it well-suited for outdoor placement in a memorial garden, cemeteries, or any public outdoor space. Our plaques can withstand the harshest weather conditions and still maintain finite details and their beautiful sheen for generations. With extreme care, we polish the surface of each plaque for a visually striking and protected engraving that can stand up to the elements and remain intact and vivid for many decades. 

Each black granite memory plaque is six by six inches, a quarter inch thick, and has sturdy stands for ease of placement. Each engraving on our black granite memory plaques is an art form in itself, as our highly trained, skilled craftspeople use the latest laser technology to capture the visage of a loved one so dear. 
Whether you are seeking a plaque because a headstone does not feel enough or you are seeking a means to share with the world your deep respect and love for someone you’ve lost, a black granite memory plaque will capture this and so much more. 

When you customize your granite memory plaque, please check spelling, dates, and images before adding it to your cart to ensure your plaque is flawless. If anything happens during shipping, be comforted in knowing that we will immediately send a replacement at no cost to you. We believe in providing the best quality memorial product and the best customer service experience for all. With over a century of experience, Legacy Headstones is committed to creating permanent, deeply moving monuments to help celebrate and pay tribute to those lost but never gone from our hearts. 

Would you like to know more about our black granite memory plaques or our products? Please touch base with our excellent customer service representatives, as it would be their pleasure to assist you.


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Black Granite Memory Plaque and Stand

Black Granite Memory Plaque and Stand
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