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Grey Granite Headstones

Should you find yourself here with us in delicate moments when words fall short, we extend our deepest sympathies to you and your family. If you find yourself here attempting to pre-plan your end-of-life details, we understand how complex a topic can be. It is our honor to assist you in choosing a grey granite memorial headstone to serve as a timeless tribute to you or a loved one. 

As a family-owned, family-run business for over one hundred years, we understand the significance of finding a memorial that reflects the essence of a lived, cherished, and profoundly missed life. With centuries of enduring strength and subtle elegance, grey granite embodies dignity and reverence. A grey granite headstone is a marker and a timeless testament to the love and memories shared. 

Our grey granite memorial headstones carry a story, waiting to be etched and adorned with heartleft sentiments, photos, favorite verses, lines, lyrics, and more. Whether it is a simple inscription, a beloved quote, an image of the departed, or a symbolic design, we ensure every detail is meticulously crafted to your specifications. Our fast and easy-to-use editor within each product page of grey granite headstones will allow you to customize the memorial exactly how you wish; from font choices to beautiful provided artwork, you can add your loved ones' names, dates, and more. 

In this collection, you'll find an array of heartfelt designs and styles carefully curated from American-sourced granite for its perfection and beauty. Our craftspeople pour their dedication and skill into every piece, ensuring every memorial is treated with the reverence and respect you and your loved one deserve. 
Beyond providing a grey granite memorial headstone, please know that we strive to provide solace and support to our customers during this tender process. Our supportive and understanding staff are always open and ready to assist you, guide you, and help answer any questions. To Legacy Headstone, your comfort and peace of mind are of the utmost importance, and we are here to work with you through every step of the journey. 

We hope that selecting a memorial will be a cherished opportunity to honor the legacy and preserve the memory of someone dear to you. Let us help you create a moving tribute that will live forever together.


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Beautiful Grey Granite Grass 24 Wide x 12 Deep x 4 Thick

Beautiful Grey Granite Grass 24 Wide x 12 Deep x 4 Thick
Regular Price $999.00
Sale Price $899.00

Grey Companion Headstone 36inch top 46inch base

Grey Companion 36inch top 46inch base
Regular Price $3,199.00
Sale Price $2,499.00

Grey Granite Grass Marker Headstones 24 Wide x 12 Deep x 4 Thick

Grey Granite Grass Marker 24 Wide x 12 Deep x 4 Thick
Regular Price $1,599.00
Sale Price $999.00

Grey Granite Headstone 16inches x 8inches x 3inches

Regular Price $319.00
Sale Price $199.00

Grey Granite Headstones (SPECIAL!!) Grass Level 20"Long x 10"Wide x 3"

Grey Granite (SPECIAL!!) Grass Level 20"Long x 10"Wide x 3"
Regular Price $500.00
Sale Price $349.00

Grey Single Monument Headstones With Ceramic 24x6x20

Grey Single Monument With Ceramic
Regular Price $2,499.00
Sale Price $1,999.00