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Legacy Headstone Customer Service


How is the lettering applied?

All of the text and artwork are cut deep into the headstone by high pressure sandblasting operation.  We use “double processed lettering” for a clearer deeper letter.

We use a state-of-the-art, fully computerized American-made laser engraving process; the laser etching process allows you to get photographic near realistic pictures and artwork engraved on the headstone and monument. This process is Ideal for etching your pictures, scenes, and any memorable pictures on a memorial.

Order Process

Some cemeteries and funeral homes sell the same grave markers for a higher cost and discourage people from buying from an outside vendor; by law, you as a customer can buy from any outside vendors.

Please ask your cemetery the following questions and then get their regulations in writing:

  1. Color of the Stone: Do they have any granite and/or bronze color restrictions?
  2. Limitation on Size: Is there a minimum and/or maximum restriction on the dimensions of the stone?
  3. Memorial Type: What types of cemetery memorial headstones are allowed? Granite only Flat Markers, Bronze only Markers, Bevel Markers, Slant Markers, Infant Markers, Single Upright monuments, Double Upright monuments, Infant Monuments, etc.?
  4. Delivery & Installation: What are the procedures for delivering and installing the memorial headstone? Is a fee levied for installation?
  5. Accessories(Lights, Vases): Do they allow accessories like vases and light candles to be installed inside the cemetery?


We include FREE SHIPPING to the Lower 48 United States (Alaska & Hawaii are extra).  Our cemetery memorials are safely crated on wooden and cardboard boxes and shipped through common carriers. Our shipper will give you or your shipping contact person a call ahead of delivery to ensure that your headstones or monuments arrive on time. Customers sometimes have stones shipped to their work location. This is fine with us, but be sure your boss isn't going to mind if a grave marker addressed to you arrives at their loading dock!

Rush Orders

Our work queue generally runs 6 to 10 weeks, longer in late spring and shorter in the middle of winter. Shipping takes around a week, so you can generally plan that a headstone ordered through us will be delivered within 7-10 weeks after the stone has been paid for.

If you have a specific date that you need the stone within the 4-5 week range, contact us before ordering the headstone, and we'll make sure it gets sent in time.

If you need the stone quicker, we can put the stone through as a rush order.  Rush orders are placed at the front of our work queue. There is an extra charge for rush orders.


For our headstones, insurance is included with the shipping for the headstone.  We also handle the insurance paperwork. There is nothing extra for customers to do for their stone to be shipped insured.

Very rarely is damage incurred in shipping.  If this should happen, please get in touch with us.  We will need a photo from you of the damage.  We then handle the rest of the insurance paperwork and will make and ship the replacement stone.


Installed Headstone

When you order a headstone from us, you will receive a granite marker engraved with your chosen design and inscription details.  The gravestone itself needs to be installed in the cemetery.  Usually, this means the stone is placed in a concrete base.

Most cemeteries have installers that they can recommend for installing headstones. Some allow do-it-yourselfers to install the gravestone.  There may have been some advice on possible installers given when arrangements were made for the burial.

In any case, you should plan who, exactly, is going to be installing the stone. They may want the stone shipped to a specific address or have other special needs.

Choose your installer ahead of time, and know what their fees will be, so there are no surprises once the gravestone arrives.

Included with each of our headstones is a page of installation instructions.  These instructions provide the specific dimensions for the concrete form used to build the base and other installation details. That page should be passed on to the installer.

If the headstone or monument is to be installed within 100 miles of our shop in East Liverpool, Ohio or Port St Lucie Florida, we can do the installation for you.  Installation is a separately charged item, not included in the prices listed on this website.


The cancellation period is 3 business days after payment is made (except for RUSH orders). There is a 10% service fee on all cancellations.


All sales are final. 

LegacyHeadstones.com monitors product shipments and provides customer assistance in the event of carrier problems or destination errors. Before signing for receipt of goods, it is the customer's responsibility to inspect the product packaging for any indication that damage to the product may have occurred in transit. Failure to do so can void damage claims.

Non-Customized Items:
The Customer has ten (10) days from the day of delivery to return the item(s) - the postmark date is the date we go by on the return. ). The Product must be in resalable condition and new - meaning not have been used. We will not accept returns on any cremation products that have been filled with ashes or been used.

Items not returned (postmarked) within 10 days from the delivery day are - Not Returnable - No Exception (we are sorry, but we work with many different manufacturers, artists, vendors, and suppliers, and this is a Company Policy) !

The Customer is responsible for the return shipping charges. If you are returning a product that is not personalized but has an add-on, you will be charged for the add-on (example: name plaques). To initiate a return, please click on your order confirmation e-mail and notify us (you will get a reply within 24 hours during regular business hours).

Restocking Fee:
There is a restocking fee of 10% on all items returned or canceled.

Customized Items & Custom Made Items:
Including but not limited to personalized grave memorials, ceramic pictures, urns, memorial rocks, cremation jewelry, and any other personalized item we may carry; if work has been started, there will be no returns allowed. If work has not started on the item ordered customer may cancel the order without incurring any charges, and a full refund will be given. Legacyheadstones.com reserves the right to replace the defective or incorrect products with one that meets the original order. You may be required to provide photographed details of the defective/incorrect product for internal review before taking any action. The customer has 24 hours from the delivery date to report a defective or incorrect product, and a free replacement will be shipped at no additional cost to the customer.
[email protected].

Damaged Items:
If you receive a damaged item, you must notify us within 24 hours; because we work with many different suppliers, and a claim has to be filed with the shipping company (example: R&L, FedEx). The customer must notify us by sending an e-mail to [email protected] or calling at 1.800.611.1340. We have the right to replace damaged items.

Cemetery Installation Fees & Regulations

LegacyHeadstones.com is not responsible for any cemetery or installation fees. The prices you see on LegacyHeadstones.com do not include the cost of installation. Many cemeteries will have fees for installation and endowment care for the headstone or monument that you will pay directly to them. Check with them to find out what those charges might be. Most cemeteries require payment in full before accepting the delivery of a memorial. When you check with them about their rules and regulations, verify when the payment has to be made. It may be possible to pay them as soon as you order the cemetery memorial.

LegacyHeadstones.com will do everything in its power to ensure that all memorials sold meet the requirements of the cemetery in which it is being installed. It is, however, ultimately the responsibility of the purchaser that the grave marker conforms to cemetery regulations.