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Companion Pillow Markers

Companion pillow markers can encompass their story, wound forever together in beautiful granite to commemorate the unending love between two people. Typically wider than single headstones, this extra space allows you to tell the stories of two loved ones who shared a life and unbreakable bond.

Our companion pillow markers are handcrafted and laser etched for exquisite detailing and customization. Our patented customization tool, which can be loaded when you visit our dual grave marker page, is straightforward to use to allow you to create a companion pillow memorial that perfectly captures the essence of lost loved ones from realistic images, touching verses, dates, epitaphs, and symbols. We created this tool with a deep understanding of how difficult it can be to handle these details amid grief or when considering end-of-life arrangements so that you can focus on what matters most: friends, family, coping with loss, and celebrating memories together. 

Each companion pillow marker is crafted from America's finest granite to guarantee they are weather and fade-resistant, allowing your memorial to remain a lasting tribute for hundreds of years. Discover the difference in handcrafted burial memorials when you explore Legacy's inventory, as each tribute we create is made with over a century's worth of experience with the world's most experienced laser engravers. 

We are an American-born, family-owned and operated business. We provide our customers with the highest-quality dual graver marker memorials at affordable prices with the utmost understanding and respect toward creating stunning, custom headstones for your loved ones. We believe in providing the ultimate customer service because we also understand this is a tough time in your life, so our companion pillow markers include our 100% lifetime guarantee.

Above all else, we at Legacy want to honor your loved ones to the fullest extent, so we encourage you to please get in touch with us with any questions or concerns. Should you be here today looking to commemorate a recent loss, we extend our deepest condolences to you in this time of stress and loss and hope we can deliver a beautiful tribute to them. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How is a companion pillow marker different from other types of grave markers?

Unlike a flat headstone, a companion pillow marker is more elevated and thicker than flat grave markers. They lay flat or may have a slightly raised edge, unlike upright headstones.

Can I personalize a companion pillow marker with names and dates?

Using our customization tool, you can easily personalize a companion pillow at Legacy. You can choose an epitaph, phrases important to your loved one, song lyrics, or a line from a poem. You can add their date of birth and date of passing and images and symbols.

Are there size restrictions or guidelines for companion pillow markers?

Most cemeteries allow or require flat-with-the-ground markers and companion pillow markers. However, we always strongly recommend before finalizing a purchase on any headstone that, you understand and have the cemetery guidelines or rules on monuments so that you do not encounter difficulties.


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Companion Black Granite Pillow Marker Headstone 30x10x6

Companion Black Granite Pillow Marker
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