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Companion Bronze Headstones and Grave Markers

Bronze combines copper, tin, and small amounts of other metals. Bronze has been prized for centuries for its preciousness, endurance, and ability to hold fine details and reflect light. Today, bronze is still a treasured material for creating memorials worldwide. 

If you have been seeking an extraordinary way to remember your departed loved ones, our bronze companion headstone will be ideal for you and your family. A bronze companion headstone commemorates the deep, abiding love and companionship between two souls. With its brilliant color and exceptional ability to hold incredible detail, a double bronze headstone can capture the beauty and essence of those you wish to commemorate in glorious imagery.

Bronze requires minimal maintenance while remaining stunning for many years, withstanding natural deterioration, cracking, and discoloration. Some of our bronze headstones will be mounted to a granite base to ensure excellent ground-level stability.

Saying farewell to loved ones is possibly one of the most challenging times of our lives. Finding a remarkable monument should not add to this already harrowing experience between arrangements, funeral finances, paperwork, and the added stress of everyday life. For this reason, with over a century of expertise, Legacy has developed an accessible online tool to make customizing and creating a bronze companion headstone quick and easy. Upload your commemorative images, choose fonts, epitaphs, and phrases, and double-check that spelling and dates are correct. You are well on your way toward a breathtakingly beautiful monument that will last for generations.

Additionally, we provide free shipping to the cemetery of your choice by professionals, ensuring your beautiful double bronze headstone arrives in perfect condition. At Legacy Headstone, a family-owned business, we are honored to celebrate your loved ones with the highest-quality, financially friendly, exquisite monuments you, your family, and your lost loved ones deserve.

We thank you for visiting us today and allowing us to honor the lives you so dearly loved. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or concerns about customization or the fabrication process. Our expert customer service team would happily guide you to whatever you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a bronze companion headstone typically last and maintain its appearance?
How long your bronze companion headstone lasts depends on several factors: 
  • Did you purchase the monument from a reputable maker using only the highest quality materials? 
  • Is the bronze companion headstone protected with a clear coat or a bronze-specific wax? 
  • Does the bronze marker come into contact with salt (Chloride)?
If you purchased a companion bronze headstone from Legacy and have laid it in a place where it will not encounter any or much salt, it can last virtually for centuries. 

To maintain the appearance, ensure that you bring a soft bristle brush, several clean, lint-free, soft cloths, and some water when you visit. Brush away any debris you see, dampen the fabric, and wipe away dirt, then dry the headstone thoroughly. If needed, re-apply any protective bronze wax coating to create a barrier between the weather and the bronze. 

Can I include additional features or accessories on a bronze companion headstone, such as vases or emblems?

Should the cemetery where your bronze companion headstone is allowed, you may place accessories such as flower vases, porcelain color photographs, headstone granite plaques, and emblems. Please check with your cemetery to see if they have any rules or guidelines about accessories.

What is the process for ordering and installing a bronze companion headstone?
To begin the process of ordering a bronze companion headstone at Legacy: 
  1. Find and choose a bronze companion headstone that speaks to you or covers the needs and wishes of your loved ones. 
  2. Click on the bronze companion headstone of your choice to load our extremely easy-to-use design tool. 
  3. Choose the images you wish to have laser etched within the bronze. Please ensure the photos are 300 DPI, meaning every inch of the picture has 300 dots of ink. 
  4. Choose the family names, dates of birth, and death, and then a verse or saying commemorating your loved one. Please double-check that the dates and spelling are correct. 
  5. Once everything is correct and double-checked, add the bronze companion headstone to your cart. 
  6. Once ordered, it will take roughly 10-12 weeks from the date of the order to complete. 
  7. For an additional fee, we can offer a 5-day "Rush" delivery if it is needed sooner. 
How are bronze companion headstones installed?
  1. Locate the grave markers on each side of the bronze companion headstone. Run a line of twine from the top of the left marker's base clear across to the top of the suitable marker's base. This will ensure the new memorial will align with other grave markers in that row. 
  2. Using the twine as a guide, carefully position the memorial on the intended grave space. Carve out the outer edge of the base or the granite base with a sod cutter. Pick up and set the bronze companion headstone to the side. 
  3. Remove the sod and dirt from inside the border you created with the sod cutter using a shovel. 
  4. Measure and confirm the depth of the hole equals the depth of the bronze memorial base. 
  5. A layer of pea gravel should be used for proper drainage. 
  6. Then, carefully set the memorial within the newly dug space with assistance. 
  7. Take a few steps back and double-check that the marker is level with the ground's contours. 
  8. If it is not level, add more pea gravel to even it, preventing damage during the mowing season. 
  9. Before leaving the gravesite, take some time to sweep away debris or dust and clean the marker.

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3D Image companion Bronze Headstone 36"x13" Mounted on 40x17 Granite

3D Image companion Bronze 36"x13" Mounted on 40x17 Granite
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