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Bronze Headstones and Grave Markers

Few things are as incredibly daunting yet rewarding as finding the perfect memorial marker to honor a loved one. Finding the balance that celebrates their life and memory and commemorates their final resting place so that you can help facilitate closure and healing through the grieving process can often feel insurmountable. But at Legacy, we understand and empathize. 

For over one hundred years, we have worked to ensure that everyone and families of all backgrounds and budgets can afford a bronze headstone or bronze grave markers for their beloved departed ones. Bronze grave markers are flexible and easy to engrave with superb details. With our simple and easy-to-use online tool, you can create a bronze headstone that you will cherish for years. Options include a beautiful photograph, meaningful image, text, or special message. 

As you browse our selection of high-quality, premium bronze grave markers, you may note that a few of our bronze markers are mounted to granite bases so that we can provide ground-level stability. In addition to ground stability, the bronze headstone with a granite base is also eligible for our breathtaking 3D services, allowing you to incorporate striking realism and dimension to your loved one's photo or unique image. For the image to be perfect, you must use an image that is at least 300 pixels per inch (DPI). This allows us to create a flawless 3D image fully rendered. 

Bronze is a precious metal that develops a beautiful patina over time and can last centuries with a bit of care. As we design each bronze headstone ourselves, we have ensured that maintenance is kept at a minimum. 

Family owned, family made, with materials sourced and manufactured right here in America, we have proudly and humbly served for over a century. We deeply understand how difficult loss can be to bear, so if you need anything or have any questions, please allow us to help you. We would be pleased to answer any questions or concerns you may have about our bronze grave markers. Our customer service representatives are here to assist you every step of the way as you choose and design your bronze headstone. 

Let us help you celebrate your loved one with a lasting, beautiful memorial. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Bronze headstones last?

Like granite memorials, bronze cemetery monuments can last thousands of years without degradation.

Are bronze grave markers more expensive than granite?

Bronze grave markers are a bit more expensive than granite due to the more involved process of creating the bronze itself.

How do you maintain bronze headstones?

Maintaining a bronze headstone is very easy. All you need to remember is always to use water mixed with a mild, unscented soap, several clean, lint-free cloths, and a soft bristle brush if required. Remove dirt and debris with a soft bristle brush, spray with water and mild soap, and gently use a clean, lint-free cloth. When finished, rinse with pure water and thoroughly dry with another clean, lint-free cloth.


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3D Image Single Bronze Headstone - 24"x12" Mounted on 28x16 Granite

3D Image Single Bronze___ 24"x12" Mounted on 28x16 Granite
Regular Price $4,999.00
Sale Price $3,999.00

3D Image companion Bronze Headstone 36"x13" Mounted on 40x17 Granite

3D Image companion Bronze 36"x13" Mounted on 40x17 Granite
Regular Price $5,999.00
Sale Price $4,999.00

Bronze Headstone 24X12 Takes 60-120 Days to Complete!

Bronze Marker 24"x12"x3/4" Takes 60-120 Days to Complete!
Regular Price $3,999.00
Sale Price $2,999.00