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What is a Ground Anchor System?

Whether installing a headstone for the first time or repairing the grave of a loved one, deciding where to start can be difficult. Luckily, Legacy Headstones has almost a century of experience in the business of building gravestones and restoring old memorials to former glory. In this article, we take a closer look at ground anchor systems to explain how they are invaluable to the support and security of a headstone and why it’s important to have one for your headstone.

A ground anchor system is used to secure an upright headstone so that it will not fall or cause danger at some point in the future. People often misconstrue ground anchor systems as stability devices, but they are in fact designed to serve as safety devices. The National Association of Memorial Masons (NAMM) is one of the leading resources on ground anchor systems, and the NAMM Technical Committee holds many of the approved ground anchor systems accountable to strict regulations and rules. Memorials with a height of 20 or more inches should only be erected by using a ground anchor support system to prevent the risk of failure or damage.

Selecting a Ground Anchor System

There are a wide variety of systems available, but it’s important to read the manufacturer’s instructions to make sure that the ground anchor system you choose is correctly sized for the headstone you’re installing or repairing. Ground anchor systems accredited by NAMM must withstand a force of 100 kilograms for one minute, whilst rigid systems must withstand up to 150 kilograms for one minute. If the grounds are soft where the deceased is buried, you may need to seek alternative fixing options or use two ground anchors for added security. All fixing system bars, tubes, dowels, pins, nuts, bolts, and washers used must all be made of nothing lower than Grade A302 stainless steel.

Installing a Ground Anchor System

Once you’ve double checked the manufacturer’s instructions, dimensions, and register of accredited ground anchor fixing methods, you can safely install the ground anchors to secure your headstone and reduce its overall safety risk.

  1. With a reinforced concrete foundation installed at ground level, you can feed the stainless-steel ground anchor tube through the pre-cast hole and down as far as the locating pegs on the tube will allow.
  2. Insert the peg section into the hollow tube until it protrudes about three inches above the foundation level.
  3. Position the memorial marker so that the pre-drilled hole in the base aligns perfectly with the protruding peg.
  4. Inject adhesive in either side of the wooden blocks and position spacers to help the adhesive cure.
  5. Remove the wooden blocks and carefully lower the monument into its final position.

We hope that this introduction to ground anchor systems provides the general overview you needed to choose the ground anchor system for your headstone with confidence.