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Selecting a Funeral Floral Arrangements

One of the most beautiful features of any funeral or memorial are the flowers used to commemorate a lost loved one. Selecting funeral floral arrangements can be a painstaking process, but there are plenty of ways to decide what kind of displays would best suit the occasion. In this article, we review several ways you can choose the most appropriate floral arrangement to show your sincerest sympathies or how much you cared for your loved one.

Funeral Flowers vs. Sympathy Flowers

Before selecting funeral floral arrangements, it is important to decide what purpose the flowers will serve. Sympathy flowers are often given to those in mourning. Fresh flowers add beauty and fragrance to an otherwise somber event. Although bereavement takes many forms, you can comfort those who are grieving with a beautiful bouquet to show your support. Funeral flowers are often sent directly to the funeral home or to the gravesite of the deceased. These floral arrangements are usually large and formal, providing decoration and color where it is needed most.

A Sense of Spiritual Rest

Reminders of the afterlife are all around us, especially for those whose loved ones were spiritual or resolute in faith. You can use this time to create heavenly color combinations with vivid yellows, blues, and greens. Daisies, gladiolus, chrysanthemums, lilies, and carnations are some of the most popular funeral flowers.

Selecting funeral floral arrangements can also depend on the wishes or preferences of the deceased. Someone who valued purity may be best represented by pink or white roses. A distinguished older gentleman might have preferred simple violets in a brass planter or stately delphiniums of blue, lavender, and salmon in a distinctive ceramic vase.

White flowers, such as baby’s breath, woven with ivy and other green plants can also leave a peaceful sensation of beauty that is yet to come. Some people choose to embellish their funeral floral arrangements even further, adding gold-wrapped sticks with angels or fresh foliage for a pop of color.

Losing a Loved One Too Soon

What can you say when a life that is so full of hope is suddenly lost too soon? Losing a child or someone young can be very hard to bear, but you can say your final farewell by surrounding your loved one with all his or her favorite things. Start with the young person’s favorite colors and passions. You can also incorporate ribbons to encapsulate the young person’s spirit. Carnations are always appropriate to commemorate young men, and lilies or roses are perfectly appropriate for young women. Simplicity is key. Woven baskets are another way to bring warmth into the family's life. Crystal, ceramics, and plants can be divided among the family and kept for years to come.

When words fail to deliver any type of condolence, send an impressive bouquet of flowers to comfort those in mourning. Flowers have been proven to improve emotional health, inspiring feelings of satisfaction and acceptance. If you have any questions about this article, please feel free to contact Legacy Headstones today for more information.