Flower arrangements show you care about the loss of a loved one. However, there are different types of displays that should be ordered, depending on the circumstances.

Here are a few ideas for choosing the best and the most appropriate flower arrangement for showing your heart-felt concern.

The Elderly

Many older women grew up with the sunshine of flowers and knew the secret meaning of their beauty.

For example, pink roses signify appreciation of a person and white roses display purity. With older friends attending the viewing, they will immediately notice that someone went to the bother to know this meaning.

5 or 6 pink and white roses, sprinkled with baby's breath and arranged in a tall cut-crystal vase, will become a lasting memory to the family.

For a distinguished older gentleman, simple violets in a brass planter or stately delphiniums of blue, lavender and salmon in a prominent ceramic purple vase, will present the bold and distention of the man's earlier days. 

A Spiritual Rest

A reminder of heaven is commonly found among family and friends when their loved one was strong in their faith. Use this time to create a piece of heaven with a colorful array of vivid yellows, blues, and greens.

Daisies, forget-me-nots, and chrysanthemums, with ivy and green plants woven throughout, can leave a peaceful feeling of the beauty that is yet to come. Accent with gold-wrapped sticks with angels atop and place in a white or pastel-colored planter. 

Friends and Acquaintances

When you have known someone at work or through social media that has passed, it can be difficult to decide what is appropriate for a flower arrangement.

A bouquet of fragrant white Oriental Lilies in a white designer ceramic vase will say more than words ever could. A single planted orchid can also show family how special your friend was to you.

Young People

What can you say when a life that is so full of hope and a long future, is suddenly gone?When words fail to deliver any type of condolence, send an impressive bouquet of life and support for those in mourning.

Start with the young person's favorite colors and passions, such as sports or animals. Yellow signifies friendship and can be used with blues, greens, or browns. Ribbons can be used as a celebration of the young person's spirit. The container is an important part of the display because a material item can touch the family and travel home with them. Carnations are always appropriate for young men and roses or lilies for females. 

Simplicity is often the most appropriate way to show how much a deceased person meant to you. Woven baskets that hold plants are another way to bring warmth into the family's life. Crystal, ceramics and plants that can be divided among the family are also very acceptable.

Keepsakes are important to those left behind and selecting a neutral type of container will allow family to always keep their memory on display in their own home.