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Legacy Memorial or Tribute Websites

When someone we love passes, one of our first thoughts while dealing with the loss is how to preserve and honor their memory. Not only is a beautifully engraved headstone an option to remember those who have passed and are dear to us, but you can also create a memorial website or tribute to them.

Social media, the Internet, and websites are the foundation of our modern culture. The Internet is filled with information, shared thoughts, and feelings connecting us worldwide. With more power than ever to personalize and create, a memorial website with a tribute online is a beautiful way to honor the memory of your dear ones. 

What is a Memorial or Tribute Website? 

A memorial website is a central online place where friends and family can visit and share memories, stories, photos, videos, and more. While social media sites allow us to scroll through a lost one's history after they have left us, it doesn't give us many options for friends and families to share memories, photos, stories, and more—as most social media sites don't allow much control outside of the account owner as to what others can post. 

Building a Memorial website can create a safe space to connect with other friends and family members to celebrate a well-lived life, a digital monument that will stand the test of time. Most Tribute websites include photos and videos of the honored person but public areas where people can share things about the deceased. 

How To Build a Memorial Website or Online Tribute

There's no need to be an HTML or CSS expert or take an in-depth website design course to begin creating your tribute website. Today, it is straightforward to create a website thanks to many companies providing pre-built templates with options for free hosting. All you need is a computer, a cup of coffee, and some time to think about what to write, what to upload, and design the site. 

Independent Website or Established Memorial Site? 

To begin creating an online memorial, you can either create a website or use several already established memorial sites—which, in most cases, is what many people use and we recommend, as during this painful time, it will allow you to spend less time building a site and give you more time to focus on family and grieving.

Memorial websites provide many pre-made templates and tools that make it easy to quickly create, personalize and publish a tribute site with little experience or fuss. Some of the most recognized memorial sites are: 

Legacy.com costs $49 for the first year, then 19$ yearly to keep it visible. ForeverMissed.com offers a free barebones option, along with a premium plan. iMorial.com is free and funded by advertising. Mykeeper.com, or Keeper, provides several excellent features for free. Keeper Plus is a $74.99 one-time payment for unlimited images, download of local copies of images, creating a complete family tree, and many more features. Memories.net provides clean and simple designs and is free for up to 500 photos and three timelines and provides a Plus subscription for more storage and timelines that start at $2.99 per month.

The person you wish to celebrate is one of a kind, and their online tribute should be too. When honoring the legacy of a loved one, building an online memorial website or tribute can bring you, family, and friends, the deep comfort and community you may need.

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