Whether you call yourself Christian, Buddhist, agnostic or atheist, there is a common thread that binds all people on this earth, and that thread is the reality of death. There is a reason that all religions have a dedicated ceremony specifically to respect the people who have moved on beyond this life. However, even people who do not consider themselves religious have an internal compass that naturally points to respecting the dead. These ideas may not be crystallized, but they are certainly there. 

Here are just a few of the reasons that it is in your best interests to respect the dead even if you are not religious.

If you want to do business with the people left behind, then you must respect their ancestors.

The number one reason to respect the dead is to maintain your positive relationship with the people that deceased person has left behind. Whether you are in business with these people or they are just a social part of your community circles, you make your life much easier if you acknowledge the loss that they have incurred and do your best to comfort them when they need it the most. They will remember you for your gestures and treat you accordingly within society.

By respecting the dead of others, you showcase your gentility to your social group.

In general, people like to be around other people with manners. Participation in a social group requires a full fledged participation at all points - during the ups and the downs. When you show respect for someone who has died in the community, you showcase your respect for the entire community. People will want to be around you more in business and in social capacities because you understand how emotion drives the productivity of a community.

If you respect the dead of others, then you will have the same behavior afforded to your family during a time of loss.

Every family must face the pain of losing someone at some time or another. When you show respect to other families who are going through this tragedy, then you bring that same energy of respect and reverence to your family when it is your turn to face the test of mortality.

Think about the loneliness that you would feel if someone who was important to you died and no one came to see about how you were taking it. This is a feeling that no one should have to experience. Do not leave the burden of relief on everyone else in the community. Make sure that you are the one who is ensuring the emotional safety of the people who are going through the pain of death.

Although there are many other reasons to respect the dead, the above reasons are definitely enough to warrant some serious thought from anyone who is looking to receive the same comfort. In your time of need, people will remember who you are to them and treat you the same way.