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Headstone Technology

Headstones have been made from a variety of materials for millennia, but recent advances in technology have made it possible to customize these memorial markers to a high-tech degree. With the advent of automated machinery, we have made it possible to make traditional headstones that are well adapted to the twenty-first century and beyond. In this article, we explore the various types of headstone technology to provide insight for those who are faced with the difficult task of arranging a memorial for a loved one. With this information, you will discover all the latest technologies and resources available to you in the selection process.

A Closer Look at Headstone Technology

There are all kinds of technological advances that make it possible to engrave headstones, illuminate gravestones in the darkness, link information, or locate a gravesite with ease.

GPS Technology: Graveyards can be big and confusing to navigate. Luckily, GPS technology can be used to make locating a headstone easier than ever before. There are a variety of websites and applications that will permanently store the location of your loved one’s grave with a photo, description, and GPS location for future reference.

Headstone Etchings: Contrary to widespread belief, most modern-day headstones are not engraved by hand with a hammer and chisel. Instead, headstone designers use computer technology to add an incredible level of detail to the etchings their customer's request. Between using a diamond engraving tool and a computer-driven laser, it is possible to replicate any kind of image onto the metal or stone of a memorial marker with great accuracy and detail.

Solar Lighting: Visiting a graveyard at night used to be taboo, but modern advances have made it possible for us to visit our loved ones whenever our hearts desire. Solar-powered lighting is a sustainable way to illuminate gravesites, and most of the products on the market are quite affordable.

Quick Response (QR) Codes: You might recognize QR codes as the checkered squares that come on products you can scan with your smartphone. Those codes often redirect you to information about events, products, or businesses. These QR codes can also be used to find a dedicated webpage that contains information supplied by the family of a deceased individual. Today, there are companies that provide custom QR codes to families that want an easier way to preserve accomplishments, events, and special memories. With a wave of your smartphone, you can unveil the memory page of a loved one, photographs, or even videos.

Today’s headstone technology proves that even the most traditional industries are embracing technological advances and harnessing them to provide better products or services to their customers.