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Headstone Accessories for New or Existing Memorials

When a loved one leaves us, there are a host of decisions to be made. Headstones are often at the top of that long list, but what often goes by the wayside is headstone accessories. By the time you get to this choice, you may be experiencing decision fatigue. If this is the case, know that accessories can be added at any time. You may choose to install them right along with the headstone for convenience or wait years down the road to honor your loved one at a significant time. While headstone extras are certainly not necessary for a beautiful gravesite, they can be a way to personalize and pay tribute to your loved one’s memorial. Below we’ll review several different options to add to any headstone.

Cemetery Statues

Statues may be the most recognizable headstone accessory. While incredibly customizable, they are often spiritual, featuring angels and various religious figures. Most are made from marble or granite, and the beauty of these natural materials is well-known, but bonded marble has gained popularity in recent years. Bonded marble is a composite made of marble powder and resin poured into a mold; this creates a durable piece unlikely to break or weather prematurely. A statue made in this way will also typically be less expensive than hand-carved marble or granite. Statue costs can begin around $100 and rise based on size, material, and complexity. Research your specific needs before deciding on a budget for this item as costs can vary significantly. 

Cemetery Vases

Vases allow you to add an ever-changing floral element to your loved one’s headstone. When deciding on a permanent vase, there are two options: above-ground and in-ground. Above-ground vases are mounted directly onto the headstone, typically with epoxy glue. They are usually made from solid granite but can be made in bronze to match a bronze headstone. Headstones can often be ordered with these vases attached. If you are adding the vase to an existing marker, be sure the area is large enough for the base of your chosen vase. 

In-ground bases are slightly different in that they are not affixed to the marker itself. They are traditionally made of aluminum or zinc and then surrounded by a protective casing. Many manufacturers sell in-ground vases to match their headstones, which can be helpful if you purchase a marker and vase at the same time. If this is a later addition and you’re unsure of the manufacturer, try sending a photo of your marker to Legacy Headstones. Experts can often help identify the original producer and find a matching accessory.

Vases can be a less expensive accessory choice, starting at under $100. However, many people choose to purchase vases in sets to display one on each side of their marker. This will usually double the overall cost. Larger vases can be more expensive, so consider what flowers you’ll want to exhibit when researching this product. 

Ceramic Photos

A photo of your loved one permanently affixed to a headstone may be the most personal touch you can add. The photo image is transferred onto a ceramic vase, and colors are then baked directly into the ceramic to ensure they are durable over time. Ceramic photos are designed in such a way that harsh weather and sunlight won’t fade or damage them. These photos are available in color or black and white. 

Choosing the right photo for this memorial can be difficult. If you need extra time, know that this decision can come later. Take your time reminiscing and reviewing photos of your loved one, and when you’re ready, add this accessory to the headstone at any time. Costs can range from as low as $100 for a smaller photo to $500 for something larger. 

Holders and Hangers

For a less permanent change, a holder or hanger may be the right choice. This can include flower pot holders, vase holders, flag holders, wreath hangers, and headstone saddles. Each of these items is designed to be added and removed easily, allowing you to alter a marker briefly and at a low cost, ranging from $10 to $30 on average. 

Adding accessories to a headstone is a thoroughly personal choice. There is no one size fits all answer. The inclusion of headstone extras can help express difficult emotions while personalizing a unique memorial. There is no rush to make this decision. You may have the desire to add these items right away, but you may also find the choice difficult when your grief is fresh. While we can certainly help you accessorize immediately, we are happy to assist you a year, five years, or even twenty years down the road. Whether you choose to accessorize or not, Legacy Headstones is here to help you create a beautiful and lasting memorial for your loved one.