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Four Tips Four Keeping A Headstone Clean

Keeping a headstone clean at the cemetery is the of your family more than the people who keep the grounds. Cemeteries are so large that groundskeepers will have a hard time cleaning your headstone.

Your family spent a good bit of money on the headstone, and you should think of ways you can keep it clean when you visit the cemetery. The four tips below will help you keep the headstone when you come to the cemetery for visits.

Soft Soap And A Cloth

Most headstones can be wiped down with soft soap, water and a soft cloth. You do not want to use a soap that is too harsh, and you should not use a harsh cloth that will scratch the stone face.

The smooth surface on the stone will scratch easily if you are not careful, but you can keep the stone clean even if it has been ravaged by weather often.

Soft Brush

The headstone you have purchased for a loved one may become so dirty during the year that some things need to be scrubbed off the stone.

You can use a brush to scrub the stone, but you need to get a brush that is used for buffing stones. A soft brush is an easy thing to use, and it will help you get rid of all the gunk from the headstone.

You will notice dirt, bird droppings and other things on the headstone that have dried on over time. You should not try to scrape these things off with your fingernails, and you need to use the brush to help get the dried material off easily. 

You could scratch the stone with your fingernails or a hard brush. You will lose a good bit of your investment if you have scratched the stone, but you can avoid scratches if you are careful.

Pay For Cleaning

You can pay a service to clean the headstone you have purchased for a loved one. These services work on stone surfaces in many areas.

You may show the service where the headstone is located, and the service will clean on a schedule you agree upon. You will keep the headstone clean without making frequent visits, and you will not have to worry about missing an important cleaning after a storm.

Apply A Protective Coating

There are special products you can spray onto a stone surface that you can use to keep the stone clean. The coating will keep dirt and grime from sticking to the surface of the stone, and you can reapply the coating every few months.

You should clean off the stone before spraying, but the stone will stay in good condition with the help of the spray.

Keeping a headstone clean is very important when you are trying to manage the memory of a loved one. You spent a lot of money on the headstone, and you do not want it to remain dirty. You may clean it yourself, or you may steps to keep it clean in your absence.