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First Mother's Day After Loss

The first Mother’s Day after loss can be a difficult day for anyone. Holidays such as these often make the pain more unbearable. Your first instinct might be to stay at home and mourn in private, but you should also never hide your feelings. There are several ways you can commemorate your mother in a way that holds special significance to you, your siblings, family members, and friends. Keep reading to learn more and gain inspiration.

Visit Your Mother’s Final Resting Place

If your mother is resting in a cemetery, columbarium, mausoleum, or another place, you may find comfort by visiting her and carrying on the tradition of Mother’s Day. Spending time with the deceased allows us to confide and grieve in private. Much of the gratification that comes with Mother’s Day is the ability to show our mothers how much we care and appreciate them. You can honor your mom’s memory by decorating her final resting place with flowers or trinkets she would have loved in life. Visiting her in person may bring you that much closer to acceptance and happiness.

Spend Time with Your Family and Friends

If you are a mother, it can be particularly valuable to focus on yourself during the holidays. There is nothing wrong with spending time with your own family and enjoying a day made just for you. Let your family pamper you, so you don’t have to dwell on the loss of your mother. A day full of activities will keep you busy and your mind preoccupied.

While celebrating the first Mother’s Day after loss, you can share her stories or spend the day in tribute by partaking in activities she would have enjoyed. Plant flowers in the garden or build birdhouses for seed. Enjoy arts and crafts time with your own children or take a road trip and get some fresh air.

Alternative Ways to Celebrate Motherhood

Instead of celebrating Mother’s Day in the traditional way, ease your grief and this newfound separation by visiting another guardian or mother in your family. Aunts and grandmothers can be a wonderful source of comfort in a time when you might need it most. If your family is small or you would rather honor your mother’s memory in a different way, you can even visit your local nursing home. There are mothers in hospice and retirement communities who might not receive visitors very often. You can make someone’s day much brighter by stopping in to say hello or staying a while and listening to stories. Some nursing homes host special events for occasions such as these.

The first Mother’s Day after a loss is never easy, and you may need valuable time to continue processing her absence. However, your mother’s memory is one that never fades. Spend the day on your terms by doing something you both enjoyed or picking up a hobby she was known for. If you have any questions about this article, please contact us today to speak with a representative. Let Legacy Headstones know how we can help in any way.