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Finding the Perfect Pet Grave Marker

Pets may only live a short time, but all those years they share with us or our families are filled with joy and the simple pleasures of life. When that time comes to say farewell to your cherished companion, Legacy Headstones knows how you can commemorate your pet for years to come. Finding the perfect pet grave marker is no small task, but we have plenty of tips and suggestions to help make the process easier and less painful overall. Join us as we explore several of the most common kinds of pet memorial markers and options available to you.

Finding the Perfect Pet Grave Marker

There’s no easy way to heal wounds left by the loss of a family pet, but a permanent memorial tribute might provide a sense of finality. Some people choose burial or cremation when it’s time for a pet to cross the Rainbow Bridge. Burial and cremation can be arranged on your own or through a pet funeral home, but you can properly accept the loss and celebrate your pet’s life by creating a special place of remembrance. There are many kinds of grave markers, but the perfect one for your pet should meet all your expectations in form and function.

Material: Pet grave markers are very similar to human grave markers and can be made from a variety of materials. Granite and bronze are preferred due to their durability and resistance to weathering. Some pet owners use stones and pebbles to celebrate the memories of their pets by inscribing and displaying them in gardens and other places where you spent the most time with your companion. Granite is available in an array of colors and shapes. Even if you decide to cremate your pet, a grave marker can serve as a tribute to all the wonderful memories you still have.

Customization: Depending on the grave marker material you choose, you can customize your pet’s memorial with sandblasting, etching, or laser engraving. Stonemasons can etch beautiful designs with the help of high-tech lasers that arc or scratch the stone in a meticulous manner. Laser etching is a great option for pet owners that would like to add a photograph to a permanent memorial. Sandblasting technology combines sand and a high-pressure air supply to carve meaningful messages into stone. Pet cremation urns can also be engraved and personalized with artwork.

There are other kinds of pet memorials you can use to commemorate a pet that has passed away. Plaque memorial markers stand upright and secure into the ground with stakes. Most pet owners use memorial plaques as signs in the garden or along the walkway.