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First Father's Day After Loss of Father

The first Father’s Day after the loss of your father can be a difficult day for anyone. Each holiday that passes often makes loss and pain more difficult to bear, especially if your loved one was lost recently. Although your first instinct might be to stay home and mourn in your own way, you should never hide from your feelings or restrain your grief. There are several ways in which you can honor your dad in an uplifting way.

Honor the memory of your father on the first Father’s Day after a loss by creating a special memory or tradition of your own. Whether he was social, adventurous, goofy, or a classic man’s man, we’ve compiled some of the most popular ways to pay tribute to your dad on this special day.

Visit Fathers Within the Family

Although no one can replace your father or relieve the sadness in your heart, visiting other fathers within your family can certainly help ease the pain. If this is your first Father’s Day after the loss of your father, visit your grandfather, uncle, or other fathers that hold a special place in your heart. Visiting with family that knew your father well may inspire some untold stories and help you focus on the loved ones who are still with you.

Visit Your Local Nursing Home

There are fathers in every nursing home who do not receive visitors on Father’s Day. Make someone’s day much brighter by just stopping in to say hello or listen to a story or two. Many nursing homes host special events for occasions such as these. Contact your local nursing home to find out more about their events calendar.

Spend Time with Your Family

If you are a father, it can be particularly valuable to focus on yourself during the holidays. There is nothing wrong with spending time with your own family and enjoying a day that is made just for you. Let your family pamper you so you don’t have to dwell on the loss of your father. A full day of activities will keep you busy and your mind preoccupied.

Honor His Memory in a Special Way

If some time has passed since losing your father, visiting his burial site or his favorite place may bring you some peace. Holidays are always better with traditions, and we can think of no better way to honor your father’s memory than by sharing his stories, decorating his grave site with flowers, or spending the day in tribute by taking part in activities he would have enjoyed. Enjoy a baseball game, a round of golf, or fire up the grill in your backyard.

The first Father’s Day after a loss is never easy, and you may need time to process his absence. You may choose to spend the day on your terms by going for a hike or taking yourself on a date.