The first Father's Day after your father's death can be a difficult day for you. You are struggling with the loss of your dad, and the holiday can be especially hard if the death is still fresh.

You may consider the four options listed below to help deal with the pain of this day. Do not hide from your feelings when you can channel them to something that is good.

Visit Other Fathers In The Family

Celebrating Father's Day with your grandfather, uncle or other fathers will help ease the pain. You will be around family members who knew your dad, and you can focus on the people who are still with you.

Putting your energy into celebrating someone else helps you forget about how painful this day can be for you.

Visit Nursing Homes

There are fathers in nursing homes in your area who do not get a visit on Father's Day.

You may visit the elderly to give them a nice treat on this special day. People who do not have visitors for this day will enjoy meeting with someone they can talk to, and there are many nursing homes that host special events for just such occasions.

You should contact a local nursing home to find out about their events calendar.

Go To Dinner With Your Family

You can focus on yourself if you are a father. There is nothing wrong with having a day that is made just for you.

Let your family pamper you so you do not have to think so much about what a hard day it has been for you. A full day of activities will keep you busy, and you will not have much time to swell on the past.

You may start some new family traditions on Father's Day that will last for many years to come. Try something new with your family, take a day trip, go on a tour, go to the pool or have a cookout at your home.

You have many ways of making Father's Day into a new day without your father. You simply need to find the best way to make the day memorable again.

Do Something For Yourself

You may choose to take the day all for yourself.

People who have lost their fathers may need time to process, and you can go away for the day to avoid the endless celebrations and advertising. Go on a hike, go camping, or take yourself on a date.

You should do something that is going to be enjoyable, and you may do something that you used to do with your dad. Have his favorite drink in his favorite bar, go to a ball game he would have liked to see or go visit a place he liked.

You may turn Father's Day into a day that will be enjoyable again after the loss of your dad. Try the four steps above to make the day into a new one, and try to put your mind at ease after your loss.