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DIY Headstones

In today’s economy, everyone looks for unique ways to save money. Web and mobile applications such as Pinterest make it possible for us to make crafts at home with our own materials or cook recipes we never dreamed of cooking. Have you ever thought about making your own headstone for your loved one? Legacy Headstones has handcrafted high-quality headstones since 1920. With almost a century of experience, we know just what it takes to create a rare memorial, down to the smallest details. DIY headstones provide the freedom to memorialize your loved one in a unique way. Keep reading to learn more about customization options and tips for designing a headstone online.

Choosing the Right Headstone Material

Thanks to machine-assisted technology and continuous advancements in fabrication, modern headstone materials are no longer limited by shape or features. Most gravestones are made from either bronze or granite, because they are much more durable and resistant to weathering than marble and other materials.

Your choice may also depend on the orientation or shape of the grave marker you wish to design. Headstones come with or without bases and are usually vertical in orientation. Pillow markers are similar to grass-level grave markers, but they feature a slightly slanted face. Slanted gravestones are also similar to pillow markers, except that they rest on granite bases or directly on the ground. Horizontal headstones may be more at risk of weathering, but there are many designs that can accommodate companion cemetery plots.

Adding a Special Message or Etching

If your loved one had a catchphrase or a favorite poem, you can make the memorial that much more meaningful by adding an etching. Laster engravings are made possible by computer numerical control (CNC) machines that score the stone in a precise manner. Laser etchings will last as long as the headstone lasts. Our exacting customization process ensures that your loving anecdotes are transcribed and will remain visible for a lifetime.

Designing DIY Headstones Online

Using our online customization tool, you can save and make changes to your design and send proofs to family members or friends until you are satisfied with the result. Once approved and purchased, our team will manufacture and create the beautiful grave marker you designed, according to your exact specifications. Our staff will be happy to guide you through choosing the design of your loved one’s memorial, as well as the shape, color, typeface, artwork, inscription, and any additional details you desire.

We will also ship your headstone free of charge, so you can set it in the cemetery yourself and save hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the process. If you have any questions about DIY headstones, please contact us today to learn more. Call us toll-free at 800-611-1340 for more information.