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Creating quality headstones for graves is not just what we do it is who we are, and it has been since our family started this business in 1920.

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At Legacy Headstones it is our goal to provide you with the tools you need in order to create the perfect headstones for graves that honor your loved one. Legacy Headstones has been a family run business for almost 100 years so we understand the importance of a legacy. Creation and design of headstones may have changed over the years but one thing has not, our family tradition. We are proud to have our two sons Shane and Dustyn to carry on the craft of providing people with quality headstones at affordable prices.

We understand that it is always hard to lose a loved one, and we hope that Legacy Headstones can make choosing the right memorial as easy as possible. Our free memorial designer is easy to use and helps to ensure they you are able to create the perfect headstone for the departed. It really is simple, just choose the style of headstone you wish to customize, then use the designer to add anything you wish such as a family name, favorite quote, or even an image. Our designer gives you the opportunity to continue your loved one’s legacy and pass it on to future generations!


After a loved one has passed, it can be difficult to determine where to spread their ashes when it's time to say goodbye. Many family members or friends are often left to question the best location due to a lack of specifications that were made by the deceased individual.

For those who are looking for a place that will honor their loved one, there are a few factors to consider during the process and to have proper closure.

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Cremation is becoming a popular alternative to traditional burials. By 2017, it is estimated that half of all American people will choose cremation over a traditional burial as a way to handle their remains.

Americans are choosing cremation for a few reasons. Cremation has a smaller environmental impact and takes up less space than traditional burials. The citizens of America have increased in wealth and education. Wealthy people and college graduates are more likely elect to cremate their remains than other segments of the population.

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You may think that after you die, you can rest easy because you are no longer involved with the living world. In reality, your death and subsequent funeral still affects the people around you.

In addition, you may want your arrangements and assets to be taken care of in a certain way. In those cases, here are a few tips for making your funeral easier for your family.

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People visit the graves of their loved ones for a variety of reasons: Some go because they feel more connected. They sit in silence or talk as if the deceased were there listening to them. Others go to remember their loved ones on important dates.

Determining the best day depends entirely on your reason and whether you want to go when the cemetery has few visitors.

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Most bereavement experts agree that visiting the gravesite can be a great comfort to kids and a good time for parents to address unanswered questions. Any age is appropriate if a child is willing to go and doesn’t seem fearful or anxious. Dr. Alan Wolfelt, a noted grief counselor, has said, “Anyone old enough to love is old enough to grieve.”

Below are some tips for relieving anxiety about the first gravesite visit.

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When visiting a cemetery, respect should guide your behavior. Cemeteries offer a peaceful setting where people come to mourn and remember their loved ones. Be mindful, so your actions don’t intrude on the privacy of others or disturb the tranquility of the cemetery.

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When loved ones die, the headstone that marks their final resting place is often the last physical link you have with them. A granite headstone is a solid and beautiful reminder for friends and family. It is meant to stand as a lasting testament that the person whose name is literally etched in stone was once here on this Earth.

Protecting your headstone from the elements is important not only from a sentimental standpoint. A granite memorial stone is an investment and it is much more cost-effective to maintain it than to replace or repair 

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Cremation is the process of exposing the body of the deceased to excessive heat until it turns into ashes. It is an acceptable alternative to traditional burials which in recent years, have been slowly gaining popularity.

In the past, cremation was seldom considered when planning for a funeral. But these days, cremation is becoming to be the popular choice, not only in the US, but in many countries as well.

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Losing a loved one is never easy. But sometimes it can be a lot harder than it needs to be.

Death is accompanied by a number of financial pitfalls. We all accumulate financial responsibilities through our life. Who bears responsibility for your debts after your death?

More importantly, what can you do to make sure your loved ones don’t get caught holding the bag?

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Keeping a headstone clean at the cemetery is the of your family more than the people who keep the grounds. Cemeteries are so large that groundskeepers will have a hard time cleaning your headstone.

Your family spent a good bit of money on the headstone, and you should think of ways you can keep it clean when you visit the cemetery. The four tips below will help you keep the headstone when you come to the cemetery for visits.

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