After a loved one has passed, it can be difficult to determine where to spread their ashes when it's time to say goodbye. Many family members or friends are often left to question the best location due to a lack of specifications that were made by the deceased individual.

For those who are looking for a place that will honor their loved one, there are a few factors to consider during the process and to have proper closure.

Choose an Open Landscape

It's important to scatter the ashes in an open location where it won't disturb other people or establishments. Consider driving an hour away to a place that is deserted or has few visitors throughout the year. This will make for a peaceful area that is secluded and won't receive a lot of traffic. Open fields or mountain ranges are ideal due to their remote location.

Consider a Favorite Location

When considering the best place to scatter your loved one's ashes, consider a location that they frequented while they were alive. They may have enjoyed camping in a particular part of the woods each year or always scheduled an annual beach trip during the summer. You'll want to leave their remains in a beautiful place that represents where they enjoyed spending time. You may even want to scatter the ashes on their property if they lived on several acres. Those who hiked outdoors or took walks with their dog may have wanted their ashes to be left in the area that they frequented each week near their home.

Think of Multiple Locations

The area that you scatter your loved one's ashes doesn't have to be limited to one place. There may be several different places that you're considering for the best places to leave the ashes and each may be ideal locations. This will also allow family and friends to feel close to the deceased loved one when they visit each place in future years.

Avoid Popular Places

Many people consider spreading ashes at sports arenas or baseball fields, but this is usually discouraged due to the use of this environment. You may have considered spreading the ashes on a golf course that the loved one often visited, but there are still people using this area for recreational purposes and the establishments often do not want to have it become a graveyard. Opt for natural outdoor locations that are more serene and are not a business or public location for a more appropriate setting.

Opt for a Bit of Travel

If you're still unsure of where to take the ashes, you can opt for traveling to a remote area. Some people take an airplane over a certain area of land and spread the ashes while airborne. Others opt for taking a boat ride to the open sea for a peaceful area. This allows you to scatter the ashes without breaking laws or restrictions that are in place at local beaches.