Where did the phrase come from?

When we think of “set in stone” or “written in stone,” we know it means to explain something permanent, solid, and immutable. However, we don’t often think about the origin of the phrase. According to JewishJournal.com, the phrase comes from the book of Exodus where Moses received two engraved stone tablets from God. Moses smashed the tablets only to be presented by God a second set of stone tablets with the same engravings.

Stone Vs. Granite

While setting something in stone is known to be the most permanent choice, our culture has moved away from predominantly using materials such as wood, slate, or marble for headstones when their loved one has passed. Granite holds it’s integrity in the cold, heat, snow, and rain better than almost any other medium. Granite is so durable, in fact, that cutting food on granite counter tops will not damage the surface, but will dull the blades of your knives instead. Granite doesn’t deteriorate like other stones do, so it might actually make sense to change the phrase to “set in granite.”

We’re Here For You

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